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9 Best Mom-Dad Tattoos To Pay Homage To Your Parents

Many people tend to get tattoos related to some of the most critical themes around which their lives revolve. The most influential people in a person’s lives, incontestably, would be their parents. A parent’s love is unconditional, and they make great sacrifices to see their children succeed in life and have a stable physical and mental wellbeing. As a child, they are our idols, role models, and friends. They take care of us from the second we are born and guide and help us face life independently.

Many think that one of the best ways to immortalize their parents’ love, generosity, and sacrifices would be by getting mom and dad tattoos, and it is a very charming idea. People generally choose to get mom and dad tattoos to show their gratitude and love, as it cannot be contained in mere words. Such tattoos could be portraitures, realistic, symbolic, or even have proverbs or phrases related to them. Some who have lost a parent also get these tattoos as a memorial for them and promise to uphold the values their parents had taught them and teach it to their children.

At Aliens Tattoo Studio, there have been many instances where people have sought out to make their parents eternal on their skins and represent family bonds, respect, admiration, care, and generosity.

Father and Daughter Phrase Tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Father and Daughter Tattoo

Usually, people talk mostly about a mother’s love, but one should not forget about a father's pivotal role in a child’s life. Like a girl’s role model is her mother, a boy’s role model is his father. He is the epitome of strength, resilience, and stoicism and is the backbone of the family. It is said that the relation between a father and his daughter is unbreakable, and this client chose to preserve this relation with this father-daughter tattoo, including his daughter’s name at the bottom of the tattoo.

Black and white portrait tattoo with roses made at Aliens Tattoos India
Portrait Tattoo

This tattoo defines purity. The relationship of a mother and her child is the most sacred, as their love is indefinite. This portrait of the client’s mother is surrounded by roses, the universal and eternal sign of love. While roses are generally used to show romantic love, some can also denote appreciation and gratitude. In addition to that, roses are believed to represent care, purity, and brightness, similar to the things a mother brings to the family and home.

Calligraphy 'Mother' tattoo with Trishul made at Aliens Tattoo Studio India
Calligraphy Colour Tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio

One of the most essential words in any language is ‘Mother.’ Even if a person does not remember her throughout the day, they undoubtedly think about her during crisis times. This client got a tattoo of the word ‘Maa’ or mother in Hindi. It also has a ‘Trishul’ or a trident included in it, a symbol of power and strength. In short, this mother tattoo shows the fierceness and intensity of a mother’s love for her child.

Mom-Dad Tattoo with Pocket Watch made at Aliens Tattoo Studio India
Mom-Dad Tattoo

This tattoo has various exciting elements in itself. The lower half of the tattoo is a typical mom and dad tattoo, in which the characters are holding hands with their child and face into the infinite sea and the rising sun, both depicting life’s journey. The sea represents the sometimes-rough-sometimes-calm road of life, and the sun reminds us of our mortality and the rise of a new day after each lousy day. The upper part of the tattoo shows a pocket-watch, with a specific time for the client. There is also a date beside it, which holds a significant role in the client’s life. Devendra Palav, our tattoo artist, splendidly brought these salient features together in a never-before-seen masterpiece.

Lion King-inspired tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Lion King-inspired tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio

This is a very symbolic and quirky tattoo, as a mélange of the client’s love of Disney and as a tribute to their parents. The doting Mufasa and his curious son Simba can symbolize how parents' warmth and compassion stay even after they are gone. The way Mufasa influenced Simba’s life can be used as an example of how parents can shape their child’s life and actions.

Black and White Portrait Tattoo with Phrase made at Aliens Tattoos India
Black and White Portrait Tattoo with Phrase

Love always makes you do things that are extraordinary and noteworthy. This seems to be the truth in this case, as this client came from Chennai to get his father’s portrait tattoo done by Sunny Bhanushali. He further wanted to add 'honest identity' around it in Tamil as a tribute to him. So Sunny summed the watercolor effect that stays magnificently in the background and the customized Tamil script at the root having its existence. The tattoo took 8-10 hours to yield the desirable payoff.

Sketch-type Mom-Dad Tattoo in B&W made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Sketch-type Mom-Dad Tattoo

This caricature-ish mom and dad tattoo seems straight out of an R.K.Laxman illustration! Parth Vasani, our tattoo artist who brought the client’s idea into reality, has done a superb job of portraying how one’s parents guide their child along with the trials and tribulations of life. The depiction shows how the parents illuminate and advise a child through all life paths, however rocky or calm. This black-and-white mom and dad tattoo is undoubtedly an appreciation and celebration of parents and the immense work to aid their child. It certainly gives off nostalgic vibes!

B&W Portrait Tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio India
Portrait Tattoo of Mother

Biological or not, a mother’s love is the strongest bond for any human being. It is a mother’s responsibility to take good physical and mental care of their offsprings, even if they are not biologically related. This is not only restricted to mothers, though. A father’s responsibility is also the same, but it is manifested in different ways. The gender-dictated roles and responsibilities are being modernized. Many women restart their careers after giving birth, and many fathers choose to become stay-at-home dads so that their spouses can achieve their dreams. These roles are not very strict, too, as LGBTQ families, adoptions, and stepfamilies can also be seen worldwide, with varying responsibilities for each parent.

Mother and Child in Heart Colour Tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Mother and Child Colour Tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio

This mom and dad tattoo shows the love between them and the child encompassed within a heart. The color pink represents the mother, whereas the color blue represents the father. The tattoo's symbolic placement on the client’s chest portrays that the tattoo subjects are near and dear to their heart, and they love their parents from the bottom of their hearts. The heart is made out of flowers and leaves, which show that this kind of natural love can never be replicated or taken away.


A parent’s love can never diminish; it remains the same from the moment they set eyes upon their child until the moment they die. Children won’t understand the amount of sacrifice and love their parents give them unless they get a chance to step in their parents’ shoes and have children of their own. Until then, why not get a mom and dad tattoo from our various talented tattoo artists here at Aliens Tattoo Studio, who will help give a concrete form to your humble offering to your parents? Contact us on the Aliens Tattoo website to book your free consultation with our tattoo artists.

What are you waiting for? Get tattooing!

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