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22 Trending Couple Tattoo Ideas to get on Valentine's Day!

couple tattoo ideas

Hey, are you already fretting, about how to celebrate your valentine's day with your loved one? Do you want to do it the unique way? And you are out of ideas?! Oh, am I freaking you out more!? Okay, oops sorry :p.

Well, I have an idea for you to celebrate your Valentine's Day, the unique way, stay along with me. You must be aware of tattoos that stay forever with you, enhancing their meaning more than yesterday, every day. How about, this year opting to get one with your partner?! Interesting isn't it?! If you are head over heels for one another, then getting a tattoo will seal the deal. Tattoos are one thoughtful way to celebrate the day in a blockbuster way.

Often, couples are anxious when it is about committing to one another, but if you have committed your love and now you belong to the forever tribe, you must go for it. Tattoos are a great way of expressing and cherishing your love for a lifetime. No, wait! I am not saying that getting tattoos on Valentine’s Day is all about inking your partner's name, it is quite more than that. Also, not at all mandatory to get matching tattoos, you can also go the customized way.

The grandiosity of getting tattoos expresses your passion towards your partner. No matter if you both are currently in different cities (we wish, you both never have to face the distance), but in just that case, your tattoos will keep you connected. Fair enough, there’s always a rush in tattoo studios on 14th February! In a world of temporary gifts, be someone's permanent tattoo partner, just like love!

Tattoo Rings are the new cool way to seal the deal

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

Are you planning to seal the deal!? What better way of doing it with tattoos that would add extra happiness to your life. Ring finger tattoos are popular because of the subtlety it holds. These are beautiful to look at, too ideal to flaunt.

That song, you always listen together!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

How cool is it to get a tattoo of your common favourite song! Too cool to be ever out of trend. I know certain things connect two people entirely. A lot of times, it is the magical music. If you share the same playlists with your partner, you can get inspired by these ideas and get one together.

Distance teaches us to love harder

There are times when we have to stay apart due to work choices or abroad studies. But, don't you think distance teach us to love harder! We learn to value our partner's existence and often find ways to celebrate the bond. This Valentine's I'd suggest get a tattoo to cherish the bond you share with your partner.

Jigsaw Tattoo ideas

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

To mark your deepest love for your loved one, you can choose to get tattoos that connects with you forever. If he/she fill in the pieces in your puzzled life and bring the ethereal peace, then Jigsaw tattoos can be your first choice.

Love you to the moon and back

If your mornings starts with them and every night ends with them, you are truly blessed. Love is eternal, these tattoos will prove it just right. You are definitely good, but always better together. And such couples can take ideas from these tattoos and get one for themselves.

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

When you meet the right person, life seems fair! Such tattoos denote the stronger meaning that your association holds with each other. If you are one of those couples, who love designs and quirky art, you should get one of these this 14th.

It is our love language

XOXO. It is your exclusive love language in your small little world. And to express your love, you can get a tattoo, that holds a deep meaning and describes you both together.

All hearts for the special one

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

I know, your special one makes your heart happier than ever. How wonderful it will be, to go the minimalistic way and get hearts inked together to celebrate love. They're classic, can never go wrong. These hearts will make you feel closer to your loved one. And that's all we ever wanna be. Don't we?!

For us, it is always

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

It is okay if you say always and not okay! Okay? Your hearts are glued to each other! And every moment with your partner is a celebration or a party, you wait for. Then, you should go and get inked together this upcoming Valentine's. I've heard it pretty often, the after-effects of getting tattoos are precious and exciting. The feeling, that you belong to each other is marked on forever.

I skipped a beat, while I was feeling butterflies inside me

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Well, not just butterflies, I know you feel the entire zoo inside you simultaneously skipping beats and oh not so aware about it. Happens?! I know!. If you are passionate about each other, then what better way to express it with tattoos. You can get identical tattoos, or a little mismatched, whatever suits you well.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Are you the Chandler to your Monica? a little sane a little insane?! No worries, you are not the odd one's. Each and everyone is a little different, which makes one special. So should be your tattoos. A little different from the rest of the world. You can go the minimal way to celebrate your Valentine' this year.

I hope, you had a great time going through our top suggestions specifically curated for you and your loved one. If you have any other design, you want to get with your partner, you can book your free consultation at one of your nearest Aliens Tattoo studios. The team of award-winning tattoo artists will help you to get your dream tattoo.

To add on, I know in the Covid times it makes us think twice of visiting Salon, Spas and in that case Tattoo Studios. But I am glad to inform you, Aliens Tattoo Studio is the safest studio all over the world. We follow the medical-grade protocols and take safety and hygiene seriously.

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