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10 Heartwarming Tattoo Ideas For Parents With New-born Babies

tattoo ideas for parents with new born babies

Tattoos have been a great way for people to express themselves. Each tattoo tells a unique story, a story that holds a deep meaning behind it. A tattoo can be an excellent way to signify the unconditional bond of love between you and your kid. So why not get one that will last for as long as the bond does, forever!

So, if you are thinking of going under the needle, you can always keep the tattoo ideas below in mind. Of course, you can always customize your tattoo as per your preference, and they will still be just as cool as the ones we are showing you.

If this is going to be your first tattoo, you will have plenty of inspiration at your disposal. From color tattoos to black & grey, from minimal line art to an intricate portrait design --- the options are plenty; good luck picking just one! ;)

A heart with wings, a halo, and name

angel wing tattoo with name

Our children hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. This masterpiece was done by our very own boy wonder - Allan Gois. The design consists of a heart with a halo and wings attached to it. The name of the child is also wrapped beautifully around the heart. This tattoo signifies how an angel comes into our lives in the form of a daughter. So if you have a daughter who has brightened up your life and means the world to you, this could be just the thing you're looking for!

Script with wings, halo, and name

angel wings and quote tattoo

It's apparent now that the birth of a girl child symbolizes the entry of an angel into our lives. Adding wings and halo to your tattoo expresses that emotion perfectly. The script - "Too Beautiful For Earth" captures what the daughter means to her parent. You can always customize your own script to personalize your sentiment for your little angel :)

Black & Grey photograph with time and date of the child's birth

black and grey pocket watch portrait tattoo

Here's another beautiful design that you can go for to immortalize your love for your child. If you have a memorable moment captured in your image gallery, why not make an inked version of it? The client also wanted to add their child's date and time of birth. Our custom designers managed to crack this visually stunning piece of art. There are numerous ways you can customize this design to add all the elements and personalize your tattoo.

A blossoming bond

These tattoos encapsulate everything a mother stands for. It depicts a mother's nurturing trait, a person who's always there to care for her child and help them blossom as they grow. The super-mommy's heart-shaped tattoo can be further beautified with color, flowers, and leaves. Everything pointing towards growth and colorful life. If you've been planning on getting a tattoo to express your love and care for your child, this could be what you were looking for! Talk to our tattoo artists and get inking! <3

Carry her home

Our dads or even the father figures in our lives had always lifted us when we were down. Remember that time when you were too tired to walk and probably threw a tantrum? We all know that deep inside, we just wanted to sit on our dad's shoulder and enjoy the view from up there. Well, dads, you probably knew this too, yet you'd always carry us and give us that innocent joy, one that has now become a beautiful memory that only we share. How about celebrating that memory and making it ageless?

Footprints & Palm

This tattoo speaks volumes for itself. Our kid's first step or those tiny little palms in our hands when they tighten their grip just a little are memories we'll cherish forever. You can also incorporate their names and date of birth along with elements like the constellation. It's a great way to show the connection between two different beings. Some things are just written in the starts, like your family ties... :)

Now that you have a fair idea of the different types of tattoos you as a parent can go for, how about getting in touch with us and taking a step towards your forever tattoo? Walk in or book your free consultation with us now! We can't wait to discuss this beautiful concept with you further ;)

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