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10 Tattoo Trends Of 2020 You Didn't Know Before

Tattoos have been in trend this past decade, and its fame does not seem like it will decrease soon. Many people opt to get tattoos meaningful for them, whereas some choose to go with the majority and get trending tattoos.

Following is a list of the latest trending tattoos in 2020:

House with watercolour balloons done at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Watercolour tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio

People tend to get colored tattoos, such as watercolor or pastel ones, as they brighten up a person’s look and bring about a particular pep. This does not mean that black and white tattoos are going out of the norm, but it does look like a splash of colored ink will accompany them.

Circle with line tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Minimalist Circle tattoo at Aliens Tattoos

People who work in places with strict dress codes, like corporate offices or educational institutions, but still harbor a love of tattoos chooses to get minimalist ones. Such tattoos are supposed to be inconspicuous and easy to hide, and hence are a sort of inside joke with themselves.

Random objects

Astronaut swinging on the Moon tattoo
Out of the world tattoo!

For those who get tattoos with their special people, be it family members, friends, or partners, this tattoo symbolizes the good times they have spent together. Such tattoos may not have any explicit meaning for others who see it but can be part of an inside joke for those who know.

Highlighted Tattoos

Phrase with infinite feather tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Phrase with infinite feather tattoo

These tattoos are generally small designs placed on a usually hidden body part, such as the collarbone or the nape, to bring attention to the wearer’s eye-catching and attractive features.

Maha Mrityunjaya mantra tattoo in calligraphy
Hindu Quote Tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio

Many tattoo lovers choose to get their favorite phrases from books or movies or sentences they try to live their lives. This style has been in trend for many years, and it does not seem like it will go out of trend ever.

Colourful women's portrait tattoo with feathers made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Colourful portrait tattoo

This is a particular favorite for those who want to be inspired by a person in their lives and want their visage on their bodies. Many lean towards adding color to it, such as watercolors or pastels.

Map, compass, and traveller's instruments tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Traveller tattoo

Travelers tend to get these tattoos to show the countries they have already visited or are currently on their bucket lists. Artists add compasses or airplanes to enhance the look of this style of tattoo.


Hexagon shapes in arm sleeve tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio
Geometric Sleeve Tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio

This is a new addition to the trends of 2020. In this, people generally add tribal symbols or plants and flowers to increase their magic. Many men get this tattoo on their upper arms to show off their muscles and the tattoo at the same time.

Fandom Tattoos

DC's Wonder Woman tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio, India
Black and white Wonder Woman tattoo

This is a particular favorite of the youth, who prefer to show their nerdy side to the world through tattoos related to Harry Potter, Marvel or DC superheroes, Doctor Who, anime, and sports.

Wolf and lion at night tattoo made at Aliens Tattoo Studio India
Wild Animal Tattoo at Aliens Tattoo Studio

Last but not least, animal tattoos are an eternal style. People generally favor depicting animals whose qualities they admire, like lions and wolves, or just small and cute ones like bees and birds.

If you also wish to get a tattoo from the categories mentioned above, you can contact our tattoo artist at Aliens Tattoo Studio to get one that goes along with their aesthetic and vibe!

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Unknown member
Mar 20

The tattoo about Marvel is so great. I want to have a blossom word game tattoo in my hand.


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