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Hi! My name is

Tejas Navaskar

I ink miniature tattoos packing big styles into small spaces!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Tejas Navaskar, and my journey in art began with my father's talent for painting, which inspired me when I was young. As I grew up, my own artistic skills developed, earning praise from those around me.
I got into tattooing during 11th grade thanks to a friend, and on December 7, 2019, I did my first tattoo. Wanting to get better, I joined Aliens Tattoo and now work there as an artist, with a year and a half of experience.
Even though I haven't won any awards yet, I hope to soon. One of my favorite tattoos I've done is of Lord Krishna, showing how dedicated I am to my craft. I focus on making designs that are special to my clients.
Making sure my clients are happy is really important to me. Drawing on my love for art and my drive to get better, I specialize in detailed work, always trying to improve and create the best art I can.


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