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Hi! My name is

Mahima Sengar

I ink cool designs with lines and shapes, creating awesome tattoos that catch the eye.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Mahima Sengar, and my journey as a tattoo designer began three years ago, driven by my skills as a self-taught sketch artist. My fascination with tattoos started when I got my first one in Udaipur, marking the start of my career in this field. Joining Aliens Tattoo Studio expanded my knowledge and exposed me to the vast tattoo industry.
My journey has been defined by my relentless pursuit of excellence and my eagerness to learn. Transitioning from sketching to tattooing, I learned a lot under the guidance of my mentors at Aliens. I'm respected for my dedication and constant drive to improve, and I'm carving my path in the tattoo world, earning praise from colleagues for my talent and commitment to client satisfaction.


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