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Hi! My name is

Bhakti Thakkar

I ink with colors, bringing joy and life to every stroke!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My journey into tattooing shows how passion and persistence can lead to success. While studying Psychology for my Bachelor's degree, I found joy in sketching and painting. But it wasn't until the lockdown that I really dove back into it, even visiting Aliens Tattoo studio with my mom.
I joined Aliens School of Tattooing in August 2021, where amazing mentors helped me grow. With lots of effort, I got better and found out I love doing realistic and watercolor tattoos.
Now, I'm set on mastering these styles. I want to keep learning and training until I'm one of the best in the business. It's been a journey of hard work and dedication, and Aliens Tattoo Studio has been a big part of it. They're proud to have helped me become a skilled and successful tattoo artist.


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