Suneeth J

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Working as a corporate for almost 7 years, Suneeth decided to take a drastic step towards changing careers. He was inspired by tattoo art and its culture for a long time and decided to learn to tattoo. He joined Aliens Tattoo Art School, to learn tattooing in an organized and systematic way. Majorly interested in ornamental tattoos and Line-Art. 

More About Suneeth

Born and brought up in Bangalore, he lived in the city all his life. His undergraduate degree and the job was in the same city itself. In his younger days, he used to watch tattoo shows and was interested in learning it thoroughly. After spending 7 years at a corporate job, taking such a step was a big risk. He left Bangalore, lying to his parents to learn tattooing in Mumbai. He knew, if he would learn it with proper mentorship, he is not going to fail. He never had second thoughts related to tattooing and art. Today he is one of the finest tattoo artists at Aliens.