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Tattoo Ideas For Leo: The Lions Of The Zodiac Chart

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

As soon as the cancer season ends, we welcome a strong, dramatic and over-the-top energy. These Leo babies enter with a hell lot of amazement. It is kind of obvious though, they are a strong fire sign. And they are ruled by the sun, so duh! They have got to be the center of attraction.

They are represented by the lion, maybe that is why they are the kings and queens of the astronomical jungle. So if a Leo walks in and you don’t center all your attention on them, you are going to displease a lion. And you never want to do that.

But don’t worry once you get on their good list, you are going to see their generous, warm, loving, and protective side. And if you get there you are going to feel really loved. Because when we say Leos are generous, we mean they are GENEROUS!

So in order to understand these multifaceted beings, we need to realize their primary traits.


Innate leaders

You don’t even have to ask a Leo, they have already appointed themselves as the leader. And honestly, you cannot even question their ability to lead. They are born to rule. Obviously! They are lions, ruled by the sun, do you even need more hints? Leos are inclined to have a slightly dominant nature and their aura is such that others just tend to follow. Yeah, sometimes they might do things unprompted, but take it easy. Because you are going to thank them later for the help. And frankly, Leos are the best captains. Not only because they are going to give it their all for the ship to sail, but they will be also making sure all the members in the group are working hard too. And they know how to get the job done!



Leos love to shine. They are known as the ‘star’ of the zodiac. And these stars obviously twinkle hard. Their fire is such that it just attracts everybody, like a moth. And fairly speaking they are pretty entertaining, then why would they not earn everyone's attention. Their social life is awfully loud. So if they see a stage, they are surely going to get up and entertain everyone. They just want to make sure that everyone is paying attention to them. Not being in the spotlight is going to kill them. And if there is one thing that Leos love the most is compliments. They will never get tired of being praised.



Leos get very protective of the people they hold close to their hearts. They tend to look after their loved ones very meticulously. Leo tries to walk with them on every step. Their intentions can be purely selfless and motivating. And they are always kind towards the underdogs and try to lift them up. And this is one of the most admirable qualities. So if you are a dear one to a Leo, you will notice that they always have your back. They will always try to take you up a level, in every aspect of your life. Although if they see someone stealing their thunder, they simply cannot bear it. They will get envious pretty quickly, so just try not to do that.



Partying, luxury dining, gatherings might be Leo's everyday to-do list. Leo’s are generally very flashy. Their style in almost everything, from dressing to eating, is pretty lush. If Leo was a color it would definitely be golden. And this is what allures everyone to them. Whatever you do, a Leo will do it better. If a Leo is throwing a party, expect it to be marvelous. And if Leos were to be a wedding planner, they would have turned each and every one of them into a royal wedding. Leos are not the ones to compromise.


Now that you understand what Leos are actually like, let's take a look at all tattoos we recommend for our lions.

Leo symbol

Leos would undoubtedly love to have their own zodiac symbols inked on their body



The zodiac is represented by the lion and they relate with this creature a lot


Leo constellation

A Leo constellation looks simple but yet engaging. This could be a special representation of Leos



As we already discussed, Leos are the kings and queens. Then why not a tattoo that could show it?



Leo’s Ruling star is the sun and they bestow all the warmth and love like the sun


All of these tattoos look tailored to the zodiac sign, Leo. And since Leo is a fixed fire sign, all of these Leos are unquestionably going to connect with them. Now that you know what tattoos fit best to Leo's personality, come and get them inked at Aliens.

In order to scrutinize these traits, take a look at these Leo celebrities. Maybe then you will understand what Leos are like.

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