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National Sports Day and an Inspirational Tattoo Story!!!

Happy National Sports Day to you !!!

National Sports Day of India which is celebrated today 29th august happens to be the birth anniversary of hockey legend Dhyan Chand.

Recently I crossed paths with International Hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki, who wanted a special tattoo designed for him. Tattooing celebrities is a common occurrence for us as I have seen many famous people and Influencers getting tattooed at our Malad studio.

I was glad that Yuvraj wanted us to create a unique design for him. Like always, our artists put their creativity in the design and when it was shown to Yuvraj he was super happy and excited to get it inked on his body.

Are you ready to see the tattoo and excited to know what's the special story behind it?

The day was 11th September 2011, the stadium was filled and echoing with chants of India. It was the debut match for our hero who was playing against Pakistan in the Asian Champions Trophy. Guess who scored the winning goal in this match? It was none other than Yuvraj Walmiki who won the trophy for India and got a hero's welcome home.

Yuvraj and his family life changed completely after this. He became the star of Maharashtra and the time 6.30 in the tattoo tells the story of when he got electricity in his house after 40 years, he achieved all this through his hard work and determination. He still remembers that day with a sweet smile on his face. His struggles and his commitment to achieving success finally paid off and today he is an inspiration for many.

The arrow is a Sagittarius Sign as Yuvraj was born on 29th November. Being a Sagittarius myself I can understand his passion for traveling. He is a free-spirited person who loves to travel around the world and the Compass depicts his love for it.

It was a heart-throbbing experience for all of us at Alien’s and we hope that we will get to work with Yuvraj again soon for his next tattoo.

Check out our video in which Yuvraj shares his experience with us also be a part of our 100k Instagram family.

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