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Missing Travel During Lock-down?

missing travel during lockdown

It's been more than 4 months since the lock-down came into existence, and we are missing the good travel times. Gone are the days when we used to eagerly wait for Fridays because of the travel plans made with friends for weekends.

Be it the cold mountain breeze, exploring the unexplored, sunset and sunrise , hills and beaches and most important of it all The Journey & Memories are missed.
Frequent travelers know the struggle! It isn't easy to be at home all day long, wandering around the house, irritated. We can't head for those trips we planned for during these months but we can make the traveler in us happy.

Let me share a creative way to PRESERVE your Travel Memories and Re-Live them more often and keep the spark of travelling in us alive.


There is nothing more exciting than to get a custom-designed tattoo of your recent travel experience. Travel tattoos are a great way to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Tattoos are liberating, what can get better than marking your body with a milestone or an achievement which you will always cherish, forever.

There are tons of great ideas for #traveltattoos, your tattoo artist can turn any of your experiences into a beautiful tattoo design, like, you might have done surfing, scuba diving, sky-diving, been in the nature, experienced sun grazing, biking, cycling, religious experiences, mountains, rivers, architecture, meeting new friends, experiencing a new culture and the list goes on.


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