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Is she a rebel or is there more to her than meets the eye?

women with tattoos

The tattoo industry has certainly evolved over the years. More and more people have started accepting this form of self-expression. Sadly, what has not evolved is the perception of tattoos on women. There's a certain stigma attached to women with tattoos, a stigma that must be abolished.

hand tattoos for women

Women make over half the tattoos in our tattoo community, one that is growing in leaps and bounds. Despite this, they are looked at as rebels. They are given many labels. These labels come from a stereotype that has become a thorn in the flesh of women with tattoos. Women with tattoos are perceived to be promiscuous, easy, someone who sleeps around. Our society has sexualized women and their bodies.

This thought process has set an expectation in men for women to look a certain way. If they do not meet their ridiculous criteria, they are deemed to be unattractive. Such is the mindset of our society. If a woman has a tattoo, it must be hidden or look feminine, like a dolphin or a butterfly. This is because tattoos are seen as a sign of masculinity & strength instead of body art.

woman with tattoo

The perception that women with tattoos are rebels, masculine, and sexually promiscuous is outdated. Women these days get inked to show their femininity. But this is not what meets the eye. Studies show that men find women with tattoos less attractive, and they are thought to be heavy drinkers. Isn't this absurd? Can one really judge a book by its cover?

Women get inked for various reasons. It usually means something significant for them. It could be an interesting anecdote; a conversation started, only if we stopped to think about its meaning instead of jumping to conclusions. Society as a whole is at fault for not changing this mindset. A small number of women get tattoos to send signals of promiscuity. Tramp stamps are the most prominent example of such tattoos. However, does it make sense to let a small percentage of women represent the whole group?

Women, just like men, want to get inked to represent things other than sex and masculinity. These negative notions are holding women back from expressing themselves. Who are we to oppress anybody? Tattoos on women was a common thing in the past. During ancient times, women would get tattoos as a rite of passage. If tattoos on women are a part of ancient history, if the practice was prominent and accepted back then, why has it changed? Instead of looking at women with tattoos as confident, attractive, and courageous, why are we stereotyping them as rebels?

back tattoo for women

Tattoos don't have to be a taboo subject anymore. Women who have tattoos don't need to cover them up. It's out there, and there's no taking it back. The world would be a better place if people weren't so judgemental.

So, the next time you see a woman with a tattoo, ask yourself - is she a rebel, or is there more to her than meets the eye?

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