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Inspiring Animal Tattoos for the Youth

best animal tattoo designs

Animal tattoos have been a motivation for a variety of people as they exemplify deep meaning in their lives. We’ve been around animals from the beginning of time, and we often share a strange connection with them in our lives.

Every animal has some significance in one’s life, be it your spirit animal or some story narrated by your grandma. There are many insights that these animals share with us in our daily life. Some animals suggest different meanings to us when we are searching for something or save us from disasters when in danger.

A deep sentiment runs with getting animal tattoos as they are symbolic of relationships, guides, mentors and teachers, journeys, will and determination, and much more. Every client comes with a special sentiment towards the animal they wish to get inked with.

These multi-meaning tattoos are often seen as a monument for those who wear them.

Let’s take you through some exciting Animal Tattoo Designs

Animal tattoos can be executed in various styles ranging from mandala, geometric designs, realism, dot-work, or a combination of these. Here’s a list of some of the best animal tattoo ideas and the meaning they hold.

Lion Tattoo

Lions are seen as a noble animal and the king of the jungle. With a variety of leadership traits, lions showcase strength, protection, and courage. The lion has a significant place in various cultures - Indian, Chinese, Egyptians, and many more. This majestic animal holds a special place to people who wish to embrace leadership qualities and take up the pride. Lion tattoos are the best choice for people who wish to showcase might and flair.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are seen in a variety of ways in modern society. It is seen to portray loyalty, might and courage, guardianship, and connection to the spirit. It shows a meaning to life for people who trust their instincts, heart, and mind with full control of their emotions and actions. The wolf tattoo is an apt choice for those who wish to ink the hunger for creating a passionate new life for themselves and others.

Tiger Tattoo

The fearless and ferocious yet calm and beautiful tigers showcase a strong persona of grandeur. The tiger holds symbolic importance in many cultures as it portrays passion, power, speed, and wrath. These beautiful animals depict glory and strong charisma, which gives meaning to many. It is the national animal of many countries, including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and South Korea. Ones who are looking for a stunning tattoo inspiring them to keep leading, tiger tattoos are the right thing!

Eagle Tattoo

The eagle is a noble animal with traits that resemble a leader. The high flying bird has great vision, speed, and strength. Those who seek to be leaders often get an eagle tattoo as it motivates them to be strong and focused. Eagles are also very virtuous, as they don't scavenge, and they nurture their young. They are considered sacred and important in many cultures. It signifies wisdom, sense and leadership quality, which is held in high regard among aspirants.

Turtle Tattoo

The turtle is a calm animal in the deep sea. Turtles hold a deep significance in many different cultures – Japanese, North American, African. These reptiles depict wisdom and courage, along with longevity and peace. It is known as the oldest symbol of Mother Earth. People seeking grounding and calmness choose to ink turtles.

Owl Tattoo

The specialty of an owl is that it can see better in low-light, especially at night. This nocturnal animal showcase of wisdom for those who wish to see what others can’t. It symbolizes wisdom and the power of silence. The mighty night-watchman is the symbol of mystery, protection, intelligence, mysticism, and transition. These traits often capture the attention of folks who wish to be true to their vision of life and live freely. Owl tattoos are a great choice for people who wish to include a higher perception in their lives and fleet through dark times.

Dog Tattoo

Our friendly, cute little pups who come wagging at the door the moment they sense us, are the most loyal of all animals. Dogs symbolize faithfulness, protection, loyalty, guidance, and alertness. These friendly animals are kept as pets, guards, assistants, and they’re even helpful in the military. With this vast range of possibilities, dogs are often the best mates to man. People who wish to fortify their bonds with their beloved canines choose to ink these beautiful dog tattoos as a remembrance.

Cat Tattoo

The slender yet charming looks of a cat are very striking to most people. Cats hold significance in many cultures with numerous meanings. The cute kitties signify healing, rebirth, resurrection, ferocity, and speed. Their nine lives hold a special meaning to many, and so does their symbolism with the Goddess in various regions. Folks who have an inclination towards these purr-fect animals choose to get inked with a cat tattoo.

Deer Tattoo

Elegance and grace start pouring out the moment you think about deer. The magnificent animal has its significance spread throughout the world. Deer are powerfully gently and cautious yet feisty. Their nature is adventurous and protective, and this shows a powerful trait in life. This animal is held in high regard in many cultures and is considered holy. People who seek to remind themselves of these special traits are likely to choose the deer as a tattoo design as it depicts a sacred balance in nature.

Bear Tattoo

Strength, protection, spirituality, and wisdom are the top traits of the bear. It is seen as a guiding animal in many cultures. The prominence of the bear is towards the nature of introspection and healing as it showcases the balance between might and sensibility. Those who wish to attain guidance from the sheer might of the bear as a standalone motivation often choose this design to get inked.

Snake and trishul Tattoo

The slithering animal shows a sense of beautiful calm and ferocity. Snakes portray the power of creation, life, death, rebirth, and the potential of transmutation. The snake holds valid significance in various cultures worldwide as well as a special place in the Indian culture with its alignment with Lord Shiva.

Koi Fish Tattoo

The beginning of life is said to be of the aquatic origin. The Koi Fish holds significance in Asian culture. They symbolize strength, persistence, and transformation, and they’re also seen as creatures who overcome obstacles and portray independence and higher pursuit. Folks who’d like to seek motivation towards a larger cause and lead their way to the top often choose to ink Koi Fish as their symbol.

Elephant and mandala Tattoo

The mighty animal is a symbol of dignity, prosperity, and power. It is said that an elephant can remember if they’ve met you before. The profound memory and loyalty towards humans are distinct traits of elephants. Elephants exude companionship and unity as they show love in the truest possible ways. It’s significance in context to Lord Ganesha in the Indian culture stands undisputed. Elephants are seen as a symbol of good luck all over the world. Those seeking wisdom and affinity to good luck choose the elephant tattoo to ink.

These animals showcase a strong sense of connection in our daily lives.

The modern society has many seekers as well as enthusiasts that choose animal tattoos to symbolize their meaning in life.

Feel free to get in touch about any queries regarding tattoo designs that you’re thinking about or have decided to get inked with.

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