How to avoid getting under your tattoo artist's skin

If anything, getting under someone's skin should be their job, not yours! :p

Before diving into this blog, we'd like to establish that as artists, we love our clients. Listening to their tattoo stories and learning about their lifestyle and ideologies is what makes this job fun. In fact, we're thankful to them for making our daily routine more lively, colorful, and engaging. However, there are always some quirks and eccentricities of certain individuals that can make a tattoo artist's life a living nightmare.

You'd not want your tattoo artist to be going through this, right?

Let's have a look at some of the things that you, as a client, should avoid if you want to help make our lives easier! :)

If you have booked a slot for consultation, it'd be really cool if you actually came! :D

So, how many of y'all have agreed to meet up for a consultation regarding your prospective tattoo only to decide that you can't make it later? I mean, it could be because of a legit reason like an emergency errand or a last-minute meeting at work. Do you know what would be awesome during such a scenario? Notify your artist about the change in the plan so they can allot that slot to another potential customer. This way, you don't come off as a snob, and your artist who reserved that slot, especially for you, can think of something productive to do during that time.

Running late for your appointment? Pick up your phone and let us know!!!