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Best Tattoo Ideas for ending 2019 on the perfect note.

Updated: May 8

Hey folks, how's your year ending? Is it good, bad, great, or ugly? Whatever it is, we're sure you had something worth celebrating, and something that you'd like to carry with you into 2020 and ahead…

Our daily lives are full of emotions and relations. The experiences that we share with work, journeys, books, pets, dreams, aspirations, and the most obvious, people.

Every curve is a sign that leads to another. The lines that make our words are inscribed in our hearts. Would you keep them masked and muffled under your skin, deep inside, or would you choose to be bold and brave to ink it and show it to the world?

Everyone has a story to tell, and we're living in a world of stories, some our own, some from others, some lost, some won, we all want to scream our emotions out, don't we? Ever thought of getting a tattoo and inking your memories forever?

Getting a tattoo of something close to you gives you direction and motivation towards the new life. It also keeps you rooted and reminds you of the true you. Every time your tattoo will drive you to keep going. Tattoos also remind you of memories worth revisiting, like the birth of your child or the date when you got married.

Tattoo art appeals to different kinds of people in different ways, and each one wants to have a unique tattoo inked on them. We have curated a few stories that would resonate with you on some note or the other. No person is the same, but our experiences are something that clicks, and time, date, or gender doesn't really matter. Arm tattoos, as well as full-sleeve tattoos, are growing in number as people are showing a strong affinity towards it.

Let's take you through some trending tattoos of 2019 -

The Tourist

People who love traveling and have a strong inclination towards new destinations often ink their travel memories. Stories from their fond memories of the journey are often inked as a souvenir. Trending travel designs include a compass, geographical coordinates, monuments, scenery. A destination that you've conquered will be with you forever with a tattoo.

Every place has a unique feel to it, so ink it and carry the vibe with you all the way. Travel tattoos are trending ever since the wanderlust fad has taken over the teenage-tribe. Do you have any unique 2019 travel experiences that you'd like to ink? We're up and kicking for getting you a memorable tattoo!

Love for Geometry

'Triangles are my favorite shapes, three points where two lines meet…' – These famous lines from an Alt-J song always resonate with people who love geometry and shapes. Our strange connection with shapes always keeps us in shape, doesn't it?

Ever since ancient times, humans have been closely associated with shapes. And, that's how we've created the best of our world's monuments. Not only triangles and hexagons, but geometry holds a lot more for us than just basic shapes.

Some people go for basic shapes while others choose to ink complex geometric shapes to portray deeper meanings of their lives. Various geometric tattoo concepts are linked with geometry like a simple circle can show you the fullness of life, and the hexagon portrays nature's most intricate pieces of life. Come and patch the pieces of your experiences with us!

Wanna Script?

Tattoos are often used to portray some words or lyrics that resonate with a person's life. There are mentions of topics life men, women, names of loved ones, etc., often inked with calligraphy script tattoos. Some folks choose to ink specific mantras that are considered to evolve their spirits.

Strong depictions of life symbolism are usually done with words in addition to some artwork that reflects the same. What's your motto in life? Is it something that will inspire you for life? Get it inked with us!

Cuteness in the house

Got a cute moment that reminds you of happiness? Girl tattoos have dominated with special inclination towards floral designs. Women love watercolor tattoos and rejoice getting inked. Girls love butterfly tattoos and cute tattoos that mark their pet's cute paws tattoo.

Wanna ink your feminine calling? We're here to help you!

For the Love of God

Various mythological tattoos and religious tattoos are being inked this year with a growing liking towards Lord Shiva Tattoos. The love for Shiva's different avatars like Ardhanareshwar, Nataraja, Shiva-Kali, Shiva-Sati is keeping clients engrossed with its strong affiliation towards spirituality.

We're here to answer your inner-calling for a spiritual tattoo. Ink your devotion at Aliens Tattoo.

The Wolves are Howling

There is a significant demand for animal tattoos in 2019. The youth is mainly inclined towards wolf tattoos that have taken the audience by storm. With a wave in the spiritual meanings in every body's life, the wolf meaning holds strong meaning in 2019.

What's your spirit animal? Get it inked at the best tattoo studio in Mumbai - Aliens Tattoo.

Bring closure to your year with some solid ink that will remind you of an eventful 2019. Let's rejoice the sweet and sour memories this year with a twist!

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