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Double Victory For Dipti Chaurasiya At Bali Tattoo Expo 2023

Dipti Chaurasiya At Bali Tattoo Expo 2023

Bali Tattoo Expo is a 3-day annual event that started back in 2016, to celebrate artists all across the globe. At the 6th edition of the event in June 2023, Aliens Tattoo, the sole representative from India, had the responsibility of showcasing the talent and skill of Indian tattoo artists to a global audience. The presence of Aliens Tattoo's artists, Dipti Chaurasiya, Siddhesh Gawde and Sumit Tank formed a powerhouse team, representing the rich diversity and creativity of Indian tattoo artistry. Their presence at the convention not only highlighted the immense talent present in India's tattoo industry but also served as an opportunity for cultural exchange and collaboration with artists from different parts of the world.

Dipti Chaurasiya, a seasoned artist who has been in the tattoo industry since she was 18 years old, is no stranger to tattoo conventions. She already has a long list of awards to her name and recently not only made us, but our entire country proud by winning two awards at the Bali Tattoo Expo! Held in the heart of Bali in Indonesia, the convention served as the ultimate melting pot; combining artistic boundaries and sparking electrifying cultural exchanges.

lord ganesha tattoo design

The first award Dipti bagged was in the “Top Ten Artists of Day 2” category. The theme of the day was Asian Tradition, which she perfectly encapsulated in this beautiful and intricate design of Lord Ganesha. Dipti poured her heart and soul into designing every minute detail of the masterpiece. The finesse with which she captured the essence of Asian tradition through her breathtaking artistry drew unanimous praise from fellow artists and enthusiasts alike. The resonance of Lord Ganesha's symbolism, intricately etched on the skin, evoked a profound sense of awe and admiration.

Small Black & Grey Tattoo

On the final day of the convention, Dipti once again won people over with her work and clinched the

Best of Small Black & Grey Tattoo award. This tattoo was also designed and executed by Dipti herself, showcasing incredible artistry. She initially spent weeks of dedicated effort and meticulous planning for this tattoo in color but had to make last minute alterations to it, which eventually turned out to be her award-winning piece. Her ability to think on her feet and embrace unforeseen circumstances was nothing short of remarkable. Dipti truly proved her mettle in the face of adversity!

As we stand united while reveling in this momentous victory, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dipti for her outstanding accomplishments. Her dedication and hard work will continue to inspire future generations and pave the way for even greater accomplishments on behalf of our beloved country. Her victory stands as evidence of our country's rich cultural heritage, innovative spirit, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines us.

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Jul 20, 2023

I've always hated tattoos from my earliest memories. I think of the body as a Temple, so to me it's like graffiti on a house of worship. Trying to be understanding, at one point I told myself to look at it and see what the artwork is saying. The next guy I ran into with tattoos I focused on what the artwork might say. The center piece on his big arm was a depiction of the Devil. I decided not to look anymore. I do appreciate art. I recognize the artists are amazing. I'd like to see select pieces on a medium that could hang on my walls. Just one man's opinion.


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