Covid 19 Vaccine And Tattoos: How long should you wait?

Covid 19 has changed the entire world in the last year. Many industries have been hit majorly because of the global pandemic, and the tattoo industry is no exception. Today, tattoo shops have a whole new approach to their business model. Even though the pandemic is not over, at least now we have vaccines. Phew!

With so much time on their hand, many people had prepared a bucket list of what they wanted to do after the pandemic. We don’t know how many goals out of these were actually achieved though. Many of these were tattoos. But tattoos are easy and fun. It's not like your extreme ‘get a six-pack in a month' regimen, where you question if it's worth it every time you hit the gym. Then why do folks hesitate to get tattoos?

Well, it is understandable with the severity of covid 19 vaccines, many are not sure whether they should tick tattoos off their bucket list right now. So if you are looking to get inked during this period, but have concerns regarding the tattoo and its interaction with the covid vaccinations, this blog is here to help. These are a few questions that our clients and netizens have been constantly asking about tattoos during the covid crisis.

Should I wait before getting a tattoo after the vaccine/vice versa?

Covid 19 vaccinations are prett