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Beyond The Pitch: Inking The Story Of Harmanpreet Kaur

Harmanpreet Kaur’s story is not just one of her victories, it is a story of passion, of breaking barriers and going beyond expectations.

Raised in a society where women were often kept to the sidelines, she dared to dream of something more. Her journey began with her father, who was her first coach and a constant source of support. Growing up, she found herself often on the fields playing cricket, against societal norms and set expectations. In a culture that presumes the kitchen as a woman's only space, she carved her own path, fueled by a fire that burned brighter with every challenge thrown her way. Her father's encouragement allowed her to pursue her dreams, making her an inspiration to millions of women who have been driven by societal norms.

Standing as an idol to countless women now, Harmanpreet recognized the need for sharing her untold story. She decided to bring her journey to life at the Aliens Tattoo Studio. It was here that she knew she would find the means to tell her story in ink.

Harmanpreet Kaur's Tattoo Consultation

When Harmanpreet came in, we knew that we were not just inking a tattoo, but a story that would touch the hearts of millions. We felt a strong sense of confidence running through. We knew right then, she was more than just a renowned cricket player, she had more to express.

As she sat down with the tattoo artists, she spoke of her journey, the trials and victories, the obstacles she had overcome, and the dreams that still burned bright within her heart. She told us how she wanted to blend a few strong elements that not only had deep meanings but expressed her story in every way possible.  

Slowly, learning about what she wanted, our Founder - Sunny Bhanushali and our tattoo artist - Devendra Palav quickly took on the task to design her story with a beautifully conceptualized bold tattoo design that had all the elements she was looking for. He worked closely with her to design a bold Geometric Mandala tattoo that would express her story in every way possible. As the tattoo design took shape, ‘Aham Brahmasmi - I Am The Universe’ was given life to.

In the detailed design of Aham Brahmasmi, each element holds a strong significance, bringing together the essence of Harmanpreet's life story.

One of the tattoo elements includes The ‘Sun and its radiant Rays’ that expresses light over darkness, symbolizing the guiding light that led her towards her greatest victories. It also includes the ‘Celtic Knot' that expresses the unbreakable bond between the daughter and the father, a strong pillar of support in a conservative upbringing. It also signifies the strength of love and encouragement that took her forward on her journey.

Next, the ‘Brahma Yantra’ expresses the sacred mantra of creation, echoing Harmanpreet's belief in her own power to manifest her dreams into reality. It serves as a reminder that she is the architect of her destiny, shaping her path with every step she takes. Furthermore, the ‘8 Petal Lotus’ symbolizes the depths of Harmanpreet's journey and her intentions as she navigates the world with grace and strength. At the heart of it all, lies the 6 Pointed Star expressing the nature of existence and the universal principles of power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy, and justice that guide her along her path.

Our tattoo artist, Vishal Maurya, inked Harmanpreet’s story in ways untold. Each stroke of the needle held within it a piece of her soul, a part of her essence that she longed to share with the world. For in that moment, she was not just getting a tattoo, she was narrating her story, highlighting the script of her life in bold strokes.

When the final drop of ink had been etched, Harmanpreet looked upon her tattoo with a sense of awe and wonder. It was more than just a piece of art, it was a reflection of her spirit, a witness to her strength in the face of life.

And as she walked out into the world once more, with her story etched upon her skin, Harmanpreet knew that she was ready to welcome the journey that lay ahead. She is now a living witness of hope and inspiration, a source of light for all who dared to dream.

Inking the story of Harmanpreet Kaur at the Aliens Tattoo Studio in Mumbai is an honour beyond simply tattooing on skin. As we witness Harmanpreet carry her story forward, we are now filled with pride, knowing that our art will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come. For us at Aliens Tattoo, inking Harmanpreet Kaur was more than a job, it was a humbling experience, a chance to contribute to her legacy that will forever remain in our hearts.

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