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Best of Cat Tattoos by Aliens

Humans!! Greetings from Aliens. Hope you had an awesome day so far. We have something for all the tattoo lovers, especially for cat lovers. Mind-boggling tattoos of carnivores cats by tattoo Artists at Aliens Tattoo, India.

To honor our feline friends, we have made a list of the best cat tattoo ideas ever.

Sabertooth Colour Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali
A very fierce and realistic lion portrait tattoo

Detailed Tiger Tattoo done by Lucky Solanki

Beautiful Tattoo of a Lioness and her Cub

Beautiful Hyper realistic Lion Tattoo You can’t get eyes off this one!

Geometric Lion Tattoo with Script

Realistic and Geometric Lion Tattoo done by Sunny Bhanushali

Double Exposure Tiger Tattoo
Double Exposure Tiger Tattoo Concept Design. One of the best black and grey tattoo done by Sunny Bhanushali

Roman Sculpture Lion Tattoo
Roman Sculpture Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo
This one is a Lion cover-up tattoo, perfectly executed.

Modern Tribal Lion Tattoo
Modern Tribal Lion Tattoo Beautifully Executed with Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Tiger Tattoo
Amazing Tiger Tattoo, Calm and Ferocious.

Leopard Tattoo
Realistic Leopard Tattoo, love the expression and calmness.

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