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A life in tattoos with Armeen

Updated: Apr 27

At, Aliens Tattoo, we not only produce creative tattooists at our tattoo school but also builds a lifelong relationship with its clients. Most of them return with further requests or bring along references. One such happy and regular patron is Armeen. Here you will find why she loves Aliens and what is it that makes it the best, in her own words.

Here's what our beloved Armeen, has to say about her life experiences and her love for symbolic and sacred tattoos!

Have a delightful read!


Well, I am Armeen, and I was born in Zanzibar, and later shifted to Canada. I know the transition is unprecedented, but then no one really has any control over life events.

Coming back to my association with Aliens Tattoo. Around five years back I migrated to India after completing my graduation and also my Homeopathy course.

The moment I set my foot on this amazing land, I fell in love with it. The vibrancy and intensity of India are unparalleled. You have to see it to believe it, and I just encountered it first-hand.

Within weeks, the academy I was associated with offered me a job. I accepted the same, as it provided a financial anchor. It is here I met my husband and my partner in crime and the one who completes my travel fanaticism.

Oops… I guess I am heading in the wrong direction. I am here to talk about Aliens Tattoo, right?

Tattoos have been an integral part of my life. Even as a young individual, not that I am old now, I had this infatuation for tattoos.

Most of the subjects which popped up in my head were based on nature and travel. I mentioned this… I am a travel freak. Over a period of time, I started inking my arms with a special category of tattoos called minimalist tattoo.

In fact, each arm is devoted to a specific landscape and events. One arm of dedicated to Canada my home country while the other to India my new found bastion.

It might sound a little crazy but the fact is, anytime an event or an unusual travel episode occurs I ponder on it for a long time, and if I feel it will complement my passion for tattoos I get it etched on my arm. And from where do I get it inked? You guessed it! Aliens tattoo.

The two most common questions which are often thrown at me are - do tattoos hinder your profession, as I am a homeopath, and two, why only Aliens Tattoo?

My answers are really simple. While attending patients I generally cover my arms. As for my affinity for Aliens Tattoo, I can sum it up in three - they are outstanding. The ambiance, the vibe, the talent, and the people blend together in perfection like some divine symphony.

Lastly, a little about my tattoos. While some have an iconic connection with Canada, there are others that reflect my travel sojourns. For example, the hand-poked Buddha and the enlightenment tattoos are from Thailand.

In a way, most of these skin engravings have something to do with nature or people, the two most important elements of my life. And now Aliens Tattoo joins that list. It’s been a love affair from my very first visit. And it been five years now!

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Unknown member
Jun 07, 2021

I find them very artistic. she look so cool! starve io


Unknown member
Jun 04, 2021

look at her tattoos, so beautiful, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures, if you have a free time, you can access and play game with me

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