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5 awesome gift ideas for your loved ones this Holiday Season

Updated: May 7

The holiday season brings festive treats to one and all! And trust me when I say this, it is never too late to gift your loved ones with something special and sweet. In this life full of daily hassles and routines that go all the way, we often get late on buying a gift for our loved ones or are very confused with the numerous options available for gifting.

Did you do something crazy this holiday season? Why don’t you go gift your loved one something that will remain with them forever? Have you ever wondered what to gift a special one?

Don’t worry, here are 5 stupendous gifting options which they’re bound to love!

1. A stunning tattoo

Script Tattoo - Aliens Tattoo - Bhanu Pratap
Tell them I Love You!

Okay, now, there are two ways to make a tattoo the best gift idea. One, you can get yourself inked with the name of your loved one, or ink a special date, you can also ink a portrait of your loved one if you’re really keen on it! This will amaze the person whom you’re getting inked for. The beauty of tattoos is that they stay with you forever and they are visible to all. So, flaunt your love all the way!

Second, if your dear one is interested in tattoos, you can gift them a tattoo of their choice! There is a special Gift Card at Aliens Tattoo that you can present to your loved one who would like to get inked. With this superb gifting option, you can rest assured that your loved one will be delighted to get their favorite design inked on them!

2. A bracelet or a pendant

Embrace Love

You can scout for some cool design, something abstract and witty. There are various pendants and bracelets available online and they’re available in a variety of upbeat designs. This can be a handy gifting option, short, sweet and memorable.

3. A handwritten greeting card

Handwritten card - Personalized card
You Are Special

Everybody likes something specially made for them, especially when it comes from someone they admire and they love.

Gift your loved ones a greeting card that has a special message handwritten by you. This adds a touch of personalization that they are bound to smile at and they will keep this memory with them forever!

4. A thoughtful book

Books on a ledge - Inspiring books
Read Them A Story

If you have a special friend who loves to read, you’re bound to stumble upon some valuable book that would be loved by him/her.

Even if you’re not really a book lover, don’t worry, you can always gift a classic novel to them, I’m sure they’d like to have a copy of the critically-acclaimed books that draw light to life.

5. Indoor plants

Indoor Plants
Plant Buddies

Ever wondered how plants and humans are related? They inhale what we exhale and we inhale what they exhale. Gifting a plant to your loved one is a thoughtful idea that will have a long-lasting effect and each day the person will be reminded of the love that you share with each other. There are many options available ranging from indoor plants to outdoor plants to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones with something they will keep close to themselves forever and ever!

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