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30 Tattoos That You See Too Often But Don't Know The Meaning Behind Them

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

To some people, tattoos serve as a way to express oneself. Meaning, on the other hand, is subjective. Everyone who gets tattooed has a unique narrative or purpose behind their tattoo.

Some Tattoos are a regular sight, though. Their meanings, however, are still a mystery. What do these popular tattoos mean? Listed here are 30 tattoos that you've probably seen a lot yet have no idea what they signify. Keep reading to find out!

God is greater than high and lows

You may have seen this tattoo before. There is a wonderful simplicity to its message. According to this phrase, God is far more powerful than the ups and downs of your life. This tattoo is a reminder to put your trust in him.


In various cultures, the triquetra refers to three points that signify three interrelated things. "Life," "birth," and "rebirth". A circle is often used with triquetra to signify a loop or eternity. So, life, death, and rebirth are all part of a continual cycle.

Vegvisir / Vikings compass

This word refers to a pathfinder or signpost in Icelandic.. It is a Vikings symbol, which usually acts as a compass. It is said that the vegvisir was a magical stave that used to guide the icelanders through the rough weather. And in today’s world, many people get this tattoo as a reminder to not astray from their goals even in tough situations.

Third eye

The third eye is believed to be a spiritual and mystical concept, which is usually an invisible eye. It is said with the opening of one’s third eye, comes the ability to see beyond the realm of the normal sight. Spiritually the third eye symbolizes spiritual awareness and enlightenment.


A compass tattoo is way too common. Many get it as a symbol of dedication and motivation. Compass is known to be a significant guide since ancient times. Many people acquire this tattoo as a sign of protection and direction in their lives. A compass tattoo is believed by many to safeguard you from getting lost and guide you during your journey of life.

Anti-possession / Supernatural symbol

This tattoo was used as a protective sign in the popular television series "Supernatural." According to the plot of the programme, this tattoo was meant to protect the wearer from demons. But in the real world many get this as a sign of protection from any negative thoughts or energy.


According to Buddhist tradition, the Unalome depicts a person's journey to enlightenment in their lives. The spirals reflect the ups and downs in our lives. And the straight line represented the period in which we eventually discover the key to serenity and contentment. Finally, three descending dots indicate the conclusion of our life's journey.


The semicolon conveys a powerful message. The tiny tattoo has developed into a symbol of bravery and unity in the face of suicidal thoughts and actions. In essence, it signifies that the dark times are not the end of the chapter.


Among Middle Eastern traditions, the Hamsa tattoo is referred to as the "Hand of God". Hamsa is supposed to bring pleasure, good fortune, riches, and good health to those who wear it. Many believe that hamsa is God's blessing.

Phases of the moon

Each phase of the moon has its own characteristics. Many people believe that this tattoo represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as well as the cyclical nature of life. In many cultures, it is also a symbol of immortality, as it keeps resurrecting.


In a mandala, different symbols are arranged in a circle. A mandala's appeal is not limited to its aesthetics, but also to its symbolic value. Perfection, stability, and balance are known to be associated with it. In sanskrit the mandala is known as the sacred circle which signifies the entire universe.

Laurel wreath

As a sign of triumph and honour in ancient times, the laurel wreath was used as an ornament. People get this tattoo as a way to remember their victories. It's a lovely way to show yourself some love.

Endless knot

The endless knot is said to have no beginnings or end. Many say that this symbol denotes the continuance of time. And the twists in between represent the interconnection of all beings of the world.

Snake and moon

Because of the moon's changing phases and the snake's skin shedding, the snake and the moon are often compared. Both are a sign of new beginnings and rebirth. Therefore, individuals acquire this tattoo as a way to show off their own growth and change.

11 : 11

Spiritually, 11:11 is considered a significant angel number. It is claimed that your wishes come true at this hour. You're on the correct track if you can see this number! Many people have tattooed 11:11 because it is a lucky number.


It's no secret that the owl is revered in many cultures as a majestic bird. Wisdom, understanding, and change are associated with this sign. You can look at them as the only light in the darkness. As a result, they are also considered a good luck charm. That's because the tattoo is a sign that new things are about to happen.


The word infinite itself means limitless and never-ending. Being boundless is a highly good and inspiring concept for individuals. An infinity tattoo serves as a wonderful reminder to have trust in oneself and to never stop developing and expanding in your life.

7 Chakras

The seven chakras are your body's primary energy centres. It is possible to unblock all of these chakras by meditating on them appropriately. When your physical and mental states are in tune, your energy is able to be re-balanced.

Pocket watch

There's no doubt that the pocket watch shows an important time. Many people get a tattoo of a pocket watch with a specified time. It might be a significant occurrence. However, in most cases, the significance of a pocket watch tattoo is subjective, it typically has to do with a valuable time.

Hannya mask

The Japanese term 'Hannya' means wisdom. Despite the gloomy and dismal appearance, it performs a highly beneficial role. The hannya mask is believed to ward off evil in Japanese culture. That evil being negative thoughts and energy in today’s world.


Pineapple is a sign of warmth, friendliness, and generosity in southern American culture. It's also said to signify affection, according to some traditions. Hence a pineapple tattoo can be an epitome of someone’s friendly and warm nature.

Floral moon

Most people refer to the full moon in May as the floral moon. When the flowers begin to blossom, it appears in the sky. There's nothing complicated about this tattoo's message; it's just fun. With this tattoo, you're symbolising rebirth and fresh beginnings in your life.


There are constellations in the sky, which are a group of stars that form a certain pattern. It's common for people to have constellations of their zodiac signs tattooed on them as a way to remember their signs. It's a unique spin on the conventional zodiac tattoos that's worth checking out.

Koi fish

Koi fishes are a symbol of persistence, courage, and bravery, according to Japanese culture. Koi fish tattoos are inked by people, to show that they haven't given up despite the challenges. When you're going through a tough period, this is a fantastic tattoo to show your appreciation for your efforts.


It is believed that the Valknut originated in Norse mythology. This symbol consists of three triangles that are intertwined. According to folklore, the Valknut denotes the afterlife and the power of God of death. As Valknut tattoos are associated with death and the beyond, many individuals acquire them in memory of a dead loved one. But it could be religious as well.

Paper plane

What do you do with a paper plane? You fly it away with the wind. The same way paper plane tattoos represent letting yourself fly. Despite its size, it has a lot of meaning. These tattoos of paper planes are beams of optimism. Many people also link it with their childhood.

Trishul / Trident

Lord Shiva and Poseidon used the trishul and tridents as their weapons. The trishul, in particular, is a highly popular tattoo among Shaivites. As a sign of power and might, it is a powerful one. A lot of individuals get it as a way to show that they are in charge of their life.


The lotus tattoo carries a lot of weight. It is a sign of development in spite of the difficulties in the world. The lotus is also associated with spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism. The tattoo as a whole speaks of growth and evolution.


It is claimed that the phoenix, a mythological bird, is immortal. From the ashes of its predecessor, the phoenix rises again. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Getting a phoenix tattoo signifies the beginning of a new chapter in life for many individuals. Perseverance is another approach for this tattoo, where you keep trying to succeed despite setbacks.

Tree of life

The tree tattoo is a representation of human development and renewal. As trees lose their old leaves and grow new ones, we should let go of the past and begin each day with a positive attitude. Having a tree tattoo is a fantastic way to stay motivated.


Now that you know the significance behind these stunning tattoos, we know you'll want to have them tattooed as well. For those looking for these tattoos, look no further!  Aliens Tattoo is the place to go to.

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Sep 29, 2023

Triquetra is an interesting symbol with a rich history and meaning. It is often depicted as three interlocking arcs or loops forming a three-pronged knot. This symbol has been used in a variety of cultures and religions, including Celtic, Norse, and Christian traditions. I was able to find a lot of triquetra images I think you will find interesting as well. Overall, whether you appreciate its historical significance or are attracted to its aesthetic appeal, the triquetra has deep meaning for many people from many different cultures and belief systems.


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