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11 Impactful Geometric Tattoos You Gotta Appraise

Demand for Sacred geometry tattoos is broadening. Geometric tattoos and Mandalas are creating their own niche among the youth as well as the elderly. These Geometrical designs when unified with Realism and Abstract concepts does wonders.Currently geometric designs are at its zenith in the tattoo industry . Geometric tattoo is often a taste of a creative personality. The individuals who prefer to stand out from the crowd often opt for such tattoo designs. People wearing sacred geometry tattoos have deeper meanings behind them but sometimes it is for mere beauty. So people, its time for you to look beyond those old tribal tattoo concepts and be distinct from the crowd. And if such a tattoo is what you are looking for, we have made your lives more easier by posting a few examples down the south.

Geometrical Wolf Tattoo
Geometrical Wolf Tattoo This one is a bit different as it appears to be simple yet beautiful because of its geometry and the elements like the moon and mountain, making it deeper in meaning.

Vitruvian Man tattoo
Vitruvian Man Vitruvian man is a more technical body structure of a male rather than the actual one. The outstretched arms and legs are so that the fingers of the hand and feet forms the circumference of the circle drawn compassed from his naval.This one has been given a geometric jab to it. The bunch of spiral lines passing across the body has made it a revolutionary outlook. The dot work enhances the beauty of the tattoo and takes it to a whole new level.

Geometrical Lion Tattoo
Geometrical Lion Tattoo A concept executed like never before. Lion tattoos are quite common today but a lion like this definitely would catch eyes. This one is more of a niche rather than the typical online designs.

Metatron’s Cube With Wolf Customised designs
Metatron’s Cube With Wolf Customised designs play a great role in the tattoo industry and it is clearly demonstrated in this tattoo design. Wolves have always been a favorite subject in movies and so are they in tattoos. However, to make it stand out artists have their own take on it. The above one has given it a newfangled outlook. The element used here is a Metatron’s Cube. It is composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Some New Age teachers call a variant of this figure the “Fruit of Life”. Metatron’s Cube contains every shape that exists within the universe. These shapes represent the patterns that make up everything God has made. It is a perfect example of classique realism and modern geometry. Animal Lovers, this is definitely your thing.

Mandala Dotwork
Mandala Dotwork Mandala is a sanskrit word which means circle. The circle, known as a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness. Mandala no wonder holds deeper meanings in every culture and also in psychedelia. Mandalas are highly versatile and can personify number of different meanings as its meaning changes from person to person.

Geometrical Arm Band Tattoo
Geometrical Arm Band Tattoo This dapper armband is simple but that’s the magic about it. The jazzy as well as the classy approach, instantly catches the eye balls.

Geometric Tattoo done by Lucky Solanki at Aliens Tattoo India

Geometrical Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Geometrical Dreamcatcher Tattoo The above tattoo design illustrates a dream catcher which is given a geometrical punch to it. Dream catchers are favorite and most popular among women. The idea behind a dream catcher is that the person who has one in the vicinity gets happy, optimistic dreams while the negative dreams or nightmares will become ensnared, so the dreamers get only good dreams. It is also believed that the negative dreams pass through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, while the good dreams are trapped, and thus become a part of that person’s destiny. You can go for this one if you want to set your dream catcher apart from the other dream catcher tattoos.

Triangle Of Life Tattoo
Triangle Of Life It is said that if a triangle is positioned pointing upwards it symbolizes the attributes like masculinity, solar, active, up and father. In this case it is the pure love a father feels for his children. The amazing dot work enhances the beauty of the artwork. More over it gives a futuristic glimpse to the tattoo.

The Golden Ratio
If you’re a Math geek and you love everything about the subject, then you probably know about the golden ratio. Golden ratio, or Fibonacci for some, refers to the ratio of two quantities having the same ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. This is one of those mathematical expressions that somehow governs the known universe.

Dainty Roses Tattoo
Dainty Roses Tattoo This line-art killed it with its beauty and uniqueness. Beautiful concept on roses that you must consider if you like flowery designs but want to set your tattoo apart from the cliche.

Metatron’s Cube Sequence Tattoo
Metatron’s Cube Sequence This one is another example of Metatron’s Cube which portrays a chain of elements. This is a beautiful concept on sequential tattoo designs which certainly gives a flow to the elements included in the artwork.

Scorpion Engulfed Tattoo
Scorpion Engulfed In A Spiral Geometry This spiral design gives a depth to the overall look of the tattoo. It is a combination of fine dot work with a few geometrical elements. A potent message the Scorpion chooses to express is that of protection and isolation. In fact, they themselves are quite solitary. In fact, many people with the Scorpion as their totem tend to have brief spells of passion with a partner only for a short period in the relationship and spend long periods content to be alone. Scorpions this one is as unique as you are.

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