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Manoj Laddha

Portraits • Designing

Once a freelance painter, now a full-time tattoo artist with Aliens. Manoj Laddha saw quite the transformation in himself through his 3-month course with Aliens Tattoo Art School. It all began while he was painting on a piece of a canvas when he realized he could do the same on people's bodies. 

More About Manoj Laddha

This was when he had not even seen or touched a tattoo machine in his life, but his willingness to learn tattoos was enough to make him go all in. At Aliens Tattoo Art School, Manoj grew not just as an artist but also as a person. Within three months, he improved himself in all aspects of tattooing thanks to his reliable mentors and is now a proper full-time artist with Aliens. The buck does not stop at tattoos for Manoj, he wants to learn everything around this industry and sees himself managing the studio one day, quite an ambitious dream. One day, he sees himself standing alongside the tattooing greats like Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois and wants to play a significant role in the studio's growth.

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