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Glad to see you here, you are curious about the whole tattoo thing, or some of you must have already planned to get one. For some people, getting a tattoo isn’t a big deal; for some, it is as scary as going through a surgery. No worries, all you need is falling into the right hands, THE RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST. This blog will show you a clear picture of how things work and what all should be on your checklist. And for those who think it isn’t that big of a deal and are here somehow for some other reasons, well you should definitely consider reading this. You might come across a few crucial facts.


So, let’s start with the types of tattoo artists that exist in the industry. Some artists are born with skills but do not know about hygiene and the risks that are involved in the process. Then some artists are great at their work, and they equally care about the health, cleanliness, service and most importantly you! This is precisely the type you must go looking for. Somewhere between these two extreme categories lies a category of the artists who just know to handle the equipment well. They lack the ability to trace your thoughts on the paper. They cannot keep up to the quality of the art. Stay away from these. How to figure them out? Keep reading, and you’ll understand.

Professional, well trained artists set themselves apart by their way of working itself. These artists have a well lit, pleasant studio. Their staff is well trained and they qualify in everything that’s necessary for a perfect piece. But yeah, it is hard to find perfection, isn’t it? You basically need an amazing artist with the cleanliness of a surgeon. Too much to ask, isn’t it? Well, all you need is a little research and a visit to a well known tattoo studio..maybe more than one.

How to find a great artist?
Today the easiest way to check any form of art is through social media. Facebook, Instagram are the platforms where almost all the artists update their work. Go through their work, see the style that the artist excels at, see if the artist often works on new concepts. Another way to get good advice is to walk to the people whose tattoo you like, talk to them about the artist, the team, their service etc. You can also drop by any tattoo studio you come across and check their portfolio.

What should you be looking for once you shortlist an artist?

First thing’s first! Check if the artist has a proper studio, a website where you can check his work. And if you like the work, what are you waiting for? Go stop by the studio and see how they actually work. Ask for their portfolio which includes their previous work, maybe a few sketches or concepts. By now you will yourself figure out if you are at the right place and if you still aren’t sure feel free to talk to the artist about the process, see if you can witness him working on a tattoo. See if the equipment is handled in a careful hygienic manner. The artist must use a new needle and grip and every material that’s involved in the process. See if the needle is disposed in the sharp object disposer. Observe the comfort level of the client getting the tattoo. This will reflect the service they provide and the way they work. Once you are satisfied with all these concerns you are almost there. Almost? Haha, there’s just one last thing to consider.

His forte!


He might be the best-known artist with a great portfolio, but that doesn’t mean he can get you a perfect tattoo done. Wonder why? Well, everyone has their own style, their Forte! You need to know if he can execute what you want. He might be great at realistic portraits which include colours, lots of shading and all the great work to be done but simple line art minimalist tattoos may just not be his thing. Talk to him about it; explain what you want. He might have other artists in the team who specialise in the type of tattoo you want. This is going to be a permanent piece of work. You don’t want to have any kinds of regrets so put in some efforts. All these are essential things to consider. Could you not take it lightly?

You will often get fascinated with the celebrity tattoos and the artists who have worked on them. We all do! But it’s the idea of the celebrity tattoo artist that fascinates you, not their work. Do your own research, check if the tattoos are really good. Check for artist’s work over the years and you’ll get your answer.


Celebrity tattoo artists may really be amazing, but how do you believe that?

Don’t rush through your research. Be patient and check their work on standard websites, search for people’s reviews on their site.

Another dangerous thing to do is to get it in the heat of the moment, to be spontaneous about it. Tattoos that are made spontaneously are subject to regret in 80% of the cases. It's obvious. You don’t put efforts; you dont get the desired results. You just cant get something permanent on your skin because you feel like getting it at that moment. You might end up hating it all your life.

People who just know how to use the tattoo machine well aren’t the ideal artists. When you talk about a tattoo artist, They are first an artist, i.e. a painter, a sketcher, or be it any form of art and then they execute those art skills on your skin through the machine. Peep into their sketchbook; you’ll be amazed. If you’re not, it’s your last job to find out the primary form of art that they possess.

What separates a real artist from the ordinary ones is their hunger for creativity. Artist craves to work on new concepts. They wouldn’t encourage you to get same old common designs; they wouldn’t copy paste design from the Internet, they might look up for references online but never settle for the same design unless you demand so. They will always be curious to know what you want and how to make you happy.


So, get yourself out there, travel for the artist you love and don’t be afraid to splurge. Get that best piece inked on you.


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