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Hemant Chavan

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

A social Bee with a strong sense of humor, Hemant is full of life. Hemant has been tattooing for over four years now. Accompanying his friend to a tattoo studio to get himself a tattoo, intrigued tattooing interests in him. After joining Aliens Tattoo Art School, he has been getting better every day holding expertise in Realism, Line Art, and Geometric Tattoos.

More About Hemant

Hemant always had an interest in drawing, but he took it seriously after being introduced to Tattoo Art. A few years back, he accompanied his friend who wanted to get a tattoo. After visiting the studio, he was intrigued by the entire process of tattooing. He later got one for himself, eventually, after completing his graduation in Commerce, he started to work at his friend's tattoo studio. Later, he realized, there are tons of things he has to learn to upgrade his skills. He enrolled himself at Aliens Tattoo Art School, exploring, learning, and growing all together. Hemant is one of a kind and his dedication to art is incredible.

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