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Brew Your Inner Artist

aliens tattoo event in collaboration with ironhill

Dive into a world where ink and beer collide to craft tales of adventure and self-expression. Experience the thrill of lightheaded freedom as you indulge in endless brews, and flash tattoos. 

Aliens Tattoo joins forces with Ironhill in an explosion of ink and beer.

Event Flow

An immersive experience where creativity knows no bounds and every moment is infused with adventure and artistic expression.

aliens tattoo experience

Hands-On Tattoo Training

Step into the world of tattoo artistry with expert guidance.

aliens tattoo collaboration

Free Consultation

Interested in getting a tattoo? Have a free consultation with our artists, discussing ideas and designs

beer pong game by aliens tattoo

Test your Skills at Beer Pong

Play a classic game of beer pong and win a complimentary beer!

aliens tattoo beer

Cosmic Lager

Try out a unique Aliens Tattoo X Ironhill Beer curated to match the vibe.

aliens tattoo workshop

Custom Design Session

Collaborate with our artists to create your personal tattoo masterpiece.

aliens tattoo instagram filter

Filter Fun

Check out our Groovy Instagram filter with quirky face tattoos.

getting a tattoo at aliens tattoo

About Aliens

Aliens Tattoo stands as a premium network of elite tattoo studios throughout India, celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship in the art of tattooing. They hold a deep conviction that tattoos aren't just about aesthetic value; they are powerful manifestations of one's uniqueness and the silent stories eager to find their voice.


Whether you're drawn to the sophisticated allure of black and grey realism, the precise depiction of portrait tattoos, the mesmerising beauty of watercolor techniques, or any other style that speaks to your soul, Aliens Tattoo is poised to bring your visions to life.


About Ironhill

Ironhill India, in its pursuit of recreating cherished moments, offers a delightful range of craft beers. Guided by seasoned brew-masters with a global palate, Ironhill's brews showcase the essence of carefully sourced local and international ingredients.

Committed to uniting craft beer enthusiasts, their expertly crafted menu boasts thin crust pizzas and an array of bites, promising a gastronomic journey. Indulge in original brews and flavorsome experiences at Ironhill.

Event Showcase

Book your slot

12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Registration Fees : INR 300

Date: 19th May Time: 12pm to 6pm (Three slots, 2hrs each)
Venue: Sy no 90, 7 & 90/8, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, beside Radisson Blu, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

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