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The Aghorian Mystery Tattoo

The Aghorian Mystery Tattoo
26 Jan 2018





The Aghorian Mystery Tattoo by Allan Gois at Goa Tattoo Festival, India.
The world of Aghoris is undoubtedly so mysterious. The myths that come along are even scary. But people hardly know anything about their rituals and practices and where it all started.

Aghoris are driven by one simple belief that God exists in everything and thus, nothing in the world is impure. Each of their practices indicate the rules recited by the universe even though they seem extreme. Aghoris believe in true human form, so, are bathed in ashes and no cloth most of the times. Many other practices like this, though considered to be horrifying by us mortals, are sacred to them because of their belief in being real and pure. They are devotees of Lord Shiva and believe in Shaivism.

Check this exorbitant Aghori Tattoo by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. This particular Aghori Tattoo is really unique because it speaks about a Lady Aghori. The tattoo portrays the control of the Aghori over all five elements of nature though Sadhana.
Dwell into it ?:)

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