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Elements of Life Tattoo

Elements of Life Tattoo
24 Jul 2016





Elements of Life Tattoo, an astounding artwork done by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. An amazing personality dropped in at Aliens this week. It was Kunwar Amarjeet Singh in the house. He was in love with our work since the time he saw a tattoo done by us on his friend Bhawna Khanduja, also a professional dancer. He came in with loads of elements in his mind and wanted us to execute them all in one artwork. The elements chosen were, a sword that represents his attitude of ripping every obstacle off, a compass showing his love for travelling, a clock and a Tibetan mantra that says, "Don't give up, your time will soon come". It was a new challenge to combine all the elements and create a beautiful concept.

Sunny worked on the concept digitally and created this design which Amar fell in love with. The tattoo took around 8 hours. Amar is a very humble and patient person to work with. He trusted us and was also quite open on our ideas and that's what an artist - the creative freedom. The final output turned out to be really great. Share it if you like it. :)

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