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Demonic Skull With Mask Tattoo

Demonic Skull With Mask Tattoo
17 Jan 2018





Demonic Skull With Mask Tattoo by Sanket Patel at Aliens Tattoo India. Roses and skulls, the two contrasting elements mean the balance of concepts like life and death, good and evil or beauty and decay.Taken from the remarkable works of Kazimirov Dmitiry, a Russian artist, this design was later customised by our design expert, Sameer. It speaks a lot than just the roses and skulls.There can be a new story drawn from a number of different perspectives.The clock, the beautiful mask, an evil skull & the axe and so much more to make it speak a perfect story. Our client wanted a half sleeve piece and had these elements in mind. After two sessions, Sanket, our youngest artist left everyone awestruck with this amazing tattoo. Share it if you like it :)

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