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Aghori Shiva Tattoo

Aghori Shiva Tattoo
11 Mar 2014





Aghori Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client got this image from google search. Out of respect and ethics we follow we spend huge amount of time to find the source of this image, the artist behind this amazing digital art. After the long research we found the artist of this image, Harshwardhan Kadam, He did a mind blowing job with this concept of Lord Shiva. Client was very sure about this art selected us for his tattoo. Client travelled all the way from UAE just to get this tattoo down from us. It is always a feeling of honour and respect when somebody travels overseas just to get his tattoo from us. its the trust in us what we find in our clients. We took straight 16 hours to finish this first sitting of tattoo. Client was very happy with his tattoo, here is the output, check it out you are gonna love this one.

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