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Tattoo Tales: Immortalizing the bond between a father and his daughter

When it comes to expressing your emotions and the things you believe in, tattoos do the job better than anything else. They are cool, hold deep meaning, and signify a commitment to the cause.

We recently inked a beautiful and intricate piece of design for a client who wanted to express his love for his little princess. We often look at tattoos online but don't know the meaning behind them. Just like how every tattoo is unique, so are the stories behind them.

Let's find out more about this stunning artwork and what went on behind the scenes that give life and meaning to this tattoo.

photo realism tattoo

As you can see, this tattoo has various elements. The client came in with a simple concept; he wanted a portrait of his daughter and also fancied a tigress to be included. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Let us tell you there's more to a tattoo than what meets the eye. It takes enormous attention to detail, ensuring the tattoo's size is perfect for the canvas, and adding all the elements in a way that makes the tattoo look flawless is a painstaking task that artists and designers carry out with vigor.

This particular tattoo portrays the daughter's fierce nature through the face of the tigress. It has accurately captured the innocence of the daughter as well as displayed the raging tigress over her. The free-spiritedness and independence of the tiger was something our client saw in his daughter's personality.

In addition to the tiger, roses are also added to the tattoo to balance out the aggressiveness. Roses are complex in nature, just like the human mind. They also express promise, hope, and new beginnings. It shows how two completely opposite elements can be brought together to give the tattoo the perfect stability.

Getting inked at Aliens isn't just about coming here and making a tattoo. Each tattoo has a different meaning, a unique emotion, and hence, each tattoo requires 100% attention.

We're sure your daughter means the world to you too, so why not memorialize the bond with a unique design at Aliens Tattoo Studio?

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