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Everything you need to know before getting your first tattoo

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There are some people who feel like getting a tattoo, simply go and get inked. But for some, tattoos just lay on their bucket list. They might get a bit anxious before getting a tattoo, which is understandable. Tattoos require a significant time commitment and are somewhat uncomfortable, so it is natural to feel nervous before your first tattoo session, especially if you've read too many tattoo horror stories online.

things to remember before getting tattoo

Because everyone's tattoo experience is different, it's difficult to predict how your first tattoo will feel. And as a result, one may get more nervous before getting their first tattoo. So, if you've been thinking about getting a tattoo but aren't sure where to start, these 12 tips will assist you.

1. Learn From Other’s Experience

Consulting People With Tattoos

It might be puzzling since everyone would have a different story. Some claim they were in severe agony, while others say it wasn't all that horrible. However, you will have a general concept of what to expect from the tattoo session. Inquire with anyone you know who has already gotten tattooed about their experience. If you don't, try viewing videos of other people's tattoo experiences online. People on YouTube love to share!

2. Choose A Reputable Studio / Tattoo Artist

Best Tattoo Studios

When you're afraid about having a tattoo, you need something to help you relax. So, if you locate a studio with a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant artists, you are less likely to feel intimidated by the procedure. You may also open up to an artist about your problems if you have a strong rapport with them. And they will undoubtedly understand your concerns and strive to make you feel as at ease as possible during the session. Before booking an appointment, consider paying a visit to the studio. If that is not an option for you, you may search the internet for reputable tattoo shops around you.

You can book a free consultation at one of the best tattoo studios in India, Aliens Tattoo.

3. Be A Support Person / Ask For A Support Person

Support Person For Tattoos

Many tattoo parlors allow a support person to accompany their customer while tattooing. So, if you can go as a friend's support person, that's fantastic. In such a case, you'll be able to comprehend the complete tattoo procedure. Also, inquire with your tattoo artist about the availability of a support person. It's a fantastic idea since your partner can help you divert yourself from the discomfort. They may also help you get a drink of water or anything else that you may want throughout your tattoo session.

4. Consider Your Tattoo Session As Leisure Time

leisure tattoo time

Just keep in mind that your tattoo session is supposed to be enjoyable. So, whether you've been saving a good show or a book that you've wanted to read for a long time, now is the moment. Don't forget to bring your headphones. All of these things will distract you from your pain. And we're sure your artists would appreciate it if you could use any of these. If you're worried that it'll be disrespectful to the artist, don't be. The more at ease you are, the easier it will be for the artist to complete the tattoo.

5. Know Your Pain Tolerance

Recognize your pain threshold. You may consider getting a smaller tattoo first if you have a poor pain threshold. These tattoos will only last for an hour or two. You'll also get a sense of what it's like to get a tattoo. And if you enjoy it, you will certainly get a second tattoo, maybe even a larger one. But don't let this discourage you. Tattoo pain is tolerable, which is why many individuals are hooked to them. If tattoos were excruciatingly painful, you would not see as many people having them. Most people who come in for tattoo sessions at Aliens Tattoo are quite calm. So we're confident you can do it as well.

If you're worried that your tattoo will be excruciatingly painful, study the pain scale. Understand which regions of your body hurt the least when tattooing; this will help you feel more secure about your tattoo.

6. Take Breaks During The Session

Just know that if you need some fresh air or a few seconds to reflect on the process, you may request a break from your artist. You should drink some water and freshen up if you have a chance. This will also allow your artist time to stretch and relax. However, don't take too extended pauses. Because doing so will sever the link for both you and the artist. Also, avoid taking too many pauses. It is preferable to get over it as quickly as possible. However, it is appropriate to take a break anytime you feel uneasy.

7. Remember That Pain Is Not Constant

The artist must constantly refill the ink tube while tattooing. Don't expect your tattoo session to be a protracted, continuous, painful skin penetration. The artist will require different inks; meanwhile, you'll have time to regain your breath.

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8. Meditate

This stage is optional, but if you are nervous about getting a tattoo, you should certainly try meditating. It will help you calm your anxieties and feel more at ease throughout your tattoo sessions. You don't have to perform hardcore meditation, but you may take deep breaths or close your eyes for a few minutes. You might also listen to some calming music. Experiment with stretching as well. When you get inked, you will have to remain in one position for an extended time. As a result, stretching before beginning the session is essential. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable after this.

9. Get Your Diet In Order

Begin eating nutritious foods a few days before your tattoo. The food you consume is a natural healer for your tissues. Eating a nutritious meal before your tattoo will also help you have the energy to deal with the physical tiredness that comes with getting tattooed. Consume foods high in vitamins, particularly vitamin C, to keep your energy levels up. Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough, hydrate yourself. While you're getting inked and the tattoo is healing, your body wants to feel revitalized. So drink plenty of water and juices. You should also have a healthy meal three hours before your tattoo. And, if you're going to be there for a long time, bring some nutritious snacks with you just in case you get hungry. Avoid dairy products, sweets, and processed meals. These tend to slow down the body's healing process.

10. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You will be in a fixed posture for a long period throughout your tattoo session. That is why you should dress in loose, comfy attire. Also, attempt to wear anything that will reveal the area of your body that will be tattooed. Furthermore, make certain that your clothing is clean and cleaned. Dirty clothes should be avoided since your fresh tattoo is prone to bacterial illnesses. Bring an extra jacket or sweater in case you get cold in the studio.

11. Avoid Alcohol / Caffeine

No Caffeine And Alcohol Before getting inked

It is advisable to avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 to 48 hours before your tattoo session. First and foremost, all of them will thin your blood, making the tattoo process more painful. You will bleed more as a result, and the tattoo will not heal correctly. Also, arriving hungover or caffeinated may make you uncomfortable and unpleasant during your tattoo session, which you do not want.

12. Get a good night’s sleep

Resting Well Before Your Tattoo Appointment

If you are a night owl or like a lot of partying. This is most certainly not the time. Your body will be the one to bear the brunt of the tattoo pain. You must ensure that it is well-rested. The day before your tattoo, get at least 8 hours of sleep. Maintain a regular sleep routine for a week before and after your tattoo session. This will also help your tattoo heal faster.


Now you are completely prepared for your tattoo. You can walk into that studio without any hesitation. So don’t spare yourself from this wonderful experience.

Book your appointment at Aliens Tattoo now! Yeah, there might be a bit of pain involved, but just know that the pain is temporary. Your tattoo is something you will flaunt forever, and once it is done, you will feel thrilled and get an adrenaline rush.

Get in touch!

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May 08, 2023

Great informative list. I agree with choosing a reputable studio and tattoo artist. Visit Colibri Tattoo & Piercing in Toronto for the best rated studio. Thank you for sharing.

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Dec 17, 2021

Great List for how to prepare your tattoo session! #6 is spot on, take breaks when you need 'em for sure. Thanks for the tips and excellent writing!

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