Tennis Ramteke

Tattoo Artist

Tennis had chosen electronics as his career but it didn’t really excite him. Before he got into being a full-time tattoo artist, he was quite confused about his career. He eventually wandered back to his childhood passion - art. 

More About Tennis Ramteke

Tennis eventually told his parents about his decision to explore art as a career and set up a tattoo studio within a few years. But he wasn’t really satisfied with this venture. He felt as if something was lacking and he started searching for a place that would provide proper education in tattooing. He enrolled for the crash course which is called the Artist’s Program at Aliens Tattoo Art School. After completing his 1-month course, he’s been more confident than ever about his tattoo skills. With sheer persistence, he got prepped up to perform at Bhopal Tattoo Convention where he bagged his very first Award, Best Black & Grey Tattoo. It was only the beginning. Tennis has bagged numerous awards in various conventions is creating jaw-dropping designs especially when it comes to Black and Grey Tattoos.