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It is hard to find the ideal tattoo ideas for you, it is for all, let's just accept that. Even after hours on research and stocking on Pinterest, we aren't sure. Why? Because all the work has to be done by you, from figuring out what exactly to search to shortlisting the ideas only to realise that you're just halfway there yet. But what if we tell you that you get a special curated collection of tattoos just for you based on your culture, location, personality and passion?

Well, nothing like it right? We've got you covered with exactly the kind of tattoos that would appeal you, Keep Scrolling!

How do we know, we have curated this list based on what you saw when you clicked on this post of ours. We're determined to give you the most amazing and personalised experience ever. 

We'll take you through some exciting tattoo designs below.

Let's go through some tattoo designs that relate to your religion, your belief and your interests. 

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Guru Gobind Singh 

Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali, the founder and Senior Tattoo Artist at Aliens Tattoo. 

This tattoo is a part of a Full Sleeve tattoo concept designed on the Sikh religious theme. This tattoo is a realistic black & grey portrait of Guru Gobind Singh composed with the sculptured structure of  Gurudwara. This tattoo took around 8 hours. 

If you are a follower of Guru Gobind Singh and his teachings, this is the best tattoo you can go for!

Guru Nanak in Ek Kum Kar

This tattoo follows the Double Exposure style where the Realistic Portrait of Guru Nanak ji is composed within the Ek Kum Kar symbol giving it a unique and great aesthetic value.

Tattoo and design by Sunny Bhanushali, founder and tattoo artist at Aliens Tattoo.It was done in the year 2015. Best idea to customise your tattoo than a regular design.

Khanda with Eagle

The eagle is a noble animal with traits that resemble a leader. This high flying bird has great vision, speed, and strength. Those who seek to be leaders often get an eagle tattoo as it motivates them to be strong and focused.


This Eagle tattoo is paired up with a Khanda which incredibly increases its impact taking it on a spiritual side as a tattoo. Realistic tattoo done at Aliens Tattoo India.

Sikh Symbolism

A perfect blend of Khanda, a Sikh Warrior, Ek Kum Kar symbol and a Mandala, this design is a great idea for any man who believes in the teachings of the Sikh gurus. The dotwork and geometry in the design adds minimalism to it while elements still keep the boldness intact.

If you are Sikh, talk to us about custom design as the possibilities are endless!

Lord Shiva

Who can embody the flair and command of Lord Shiva? The sheer magnificence of the great Lord Shiva is enough for a stunning tattoo. If you're a follower of Shaivism and are in sync with the power of Shiva, you're bound to choose a tattoo that defines your devotion.


There are various Avatars of Lord Shiva, which depict different instances in the journey of life. The Nataraja Pose, Ardhanareshwar, and the Aghori Shiva are a few interesting ones that you must lookup.

Trishul & Snake 

Snake, being the slithering animal, shows a sense of beautiful calm and ferocity. Snakes portray the power of creation, life, death, rebirth, and the potential of transmutation.


The snake holds valid significance in various cultures worldwide as well as a special place in the Indian culture with its alignment with Lord Shiva. The Trident (Trishul) is also a significant element in Hindu religion which increases the essense of this tattoo.

Parents Portrait

Portrait Tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas if you are looking to immortalise someone whom you adore a lot. Good portrait tattoos are really hard to find and getting them right is a blessing :P

You have landed just right! We specialise in portrait tattoos and our work proves it really well. Giving you a photo-realistic portrait that you will love forever is on us now!! This portrait was done by our client who wanted to dedicate it to his parents. Lovely isn't it?

Jai Shree Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, enshrined throughout India and beyond, worshipped by the devout, and prayed to by wrestlers, appealing for strength. Why not enshrine Hanuman with a personal tattoo and carry his blessing wherever you go?

Because of his shape-shifting powers, Hanuman is portrayed in several varying ways. A Hanuman tattoo is ideal for you if you like to portray strength, courage and determination in life.

Brahma & Universe

The Creator - Lord Brahma holds an important place in Hindu mythology. Those seeking knowledge and creativity are inclined towards Lord Brahma and choose to ink themselves as a reminder to their goals.


The first in the Hindu Trinity - Lord Brahma is considered to be robust and inspiring.

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Aliens Tattoo is best known for Custom Tattoo Designs. If you have a slightest of an idea in your mind, we'll polish it and make it a reality. Talk to us about your tattoo idea or interest now!

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