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Saurav Silwal

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

Saurav Silwal is a full-time tattoo artist who started his journey in the tattoo industry during his 11th grade in high school. He became interested in tattoo art after visiting a local tattoo shop and receiving basic training from Thamel Babus Tattoo in Nepal. However, it wasn't until he discovered Aliens Tattoo School that he realized the importance of quality tattoo work.

More About Saurav Silwal

During his time at Aliens Tattoo School, Saurav received mentorship from experienced tattoo artists who not only helped him improve his techniques but also provided guidance in his daily life. He witnessed significant changes in his tattoo work and is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. Saurav specializes in mini and neo-traditional tattoos, and he aspires to achieve greater success in his tattooing career. His journey in the tattoo industry has transformed his life, and he feels fortunate to be a part of Aliens Tattoo School's internship program. From his experience, Saurav learned the importance of sincerity, doing good, and uplifting others. Although he has yet to achieve any significant accomplishments, he remains dedicated to perfecting his craft and achieving success in the tattoo industry.

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