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Sai Ram

Tattoo Artist• Tattoo Designing

Sairam joined the tattoo industry in 2016 with zero experience in this field. After completing his B.Tech and the realization that there wasn't much scope in the sector, he felt the need to pursue a more rewarding career.

More About Sai Ram

That's when the Orissa-born lad got exposed to the world of tattoos, and he was indeed intrigued by this form of art. However, having no background in art did not derail Sairam's hopes of becoming a pro tattoo artist. He learned everything about tattooing from a seasoned artist in Kolkata before joining Aliens. Within a span of 5 years, Sairam has grown leaps and bounds and loves to ink multiple types of tattoos, but if you ask him to pick one category, he will say Neo-traditional tattoos. The 29-year-old also has a stacked portfolio when it comes to Sculpture Tattoos. Sairam believes the tattoo industry is certainly huge and will continue growing and wants to follow his idols Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois in becoming one of the best tattoo artists in India.

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