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Creating Virat Kohli's New Tattoo: A Journey of Spiritual Symbolism - Aliens Tattoo

Creating Virat Kohli's New Tattoo: A Journey of Spiritual Symbolism - Aliens Tattoo

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Actor Preeti Chaudhary got inked | Symbolic Tattoo | Aliens Tattoo Studio #shorts #smalltattoo

Actor Preeti Chaudhary got inked | Symbolic Tattoo | Aliens Tattoo Studio #shorts #smalltattoo

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Aryaana got herself a Pet Tattoo | Aliens Tattoo Studio #pettattoo #influencer #musician

Aryaana got herself a Pet Tattoo | Aliens Tattoo Studio #pettattoo #influencer #musician

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Mom Gets A Tattoo For Her Son | Priya Ahuja at Aliens Tattoo

Mom Gets A Tattoo For Her Son | Priya Ahuja at Aliens Tattoo

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Social Reviews

a year ago

I am a Tattoo artist in the US, I reached out to Aliens Tattoo for some insight on all their amazing tattoo work. I was directed to a wonderful link to see one of their artist at work. I am so pleased and continue to visit that site. I was also able to purchase an instructional DVD, that I continue to view and learn something from every time I watch it. It arrived faster than I thought it would. I’m on the other side of the globe! Thanks Sunny!
One of your biggest fans,
Miguel Garcia Jr.

Akanksha Badkar

a year ago

Aliens tattoo was where my mum and me got our first tattoo! All i came with was a pinterest image that i liked. The artist at Aliens tattoo helped us craft a beautiful symbol with much meaning.
Thanks for making my first tattoo experience such a comfortable one! I loved the end result, still one of the best decisions I’ve made!
Cheers and wish them continual success! ????

Kailash Appu 

2 Days ago

After a thorough research in finding the best place to tattoo, I have finally decided to go with Aliens tattoo studios. Permanent tattoo is something which will come with us till the end and any small errors done can't be rectified. So I can't take chances in finding a cheaper place or nearby location. For tattooing alone I have travelled to Mumbai from Chennai without any prior travel history. I should say once I reached aliens tattoo Mumbai rest all became history. What a spectacular experience I had at the studio. A place where each department has skilled professionals who take care from a to z. Designing was done by Mr. Bhanu Pratap and Mr. Sameer qureshi. Designing is purely out of the box. Converting the design to tattoo on a human skin is not a child's play. Ms. Dipti chaurasiya being a lead artist has done a splendid job which took 16 hours to complete this master piece. Mr. Devendra palav also joined his hands in blending realism and calligraphy together. Everything of the above is possible only with help of great management team of aliens Mr. Vibhor, Mr Romit and Ms. Niddhi has taken care of me right from arranging cabs, hotel and food. Honestly I didn't feel like I have come to some other city. 

Overall it's a best in class output and experience. First thing that will come to my mind when I think of tattoo is Aliens only. 

Thank you team! 

Sreejeev Unnimon

a week ago

This has been the second tattoo on my body, but the first at Aliens. Trust me, it was an ultimate tattoo experience at Aliens. The vibe at the studio is very positive. Within minutes of entering the studio, i was attended by Bhanu and Vibhor who after listening to my concept, explained me the right tattoo design and type which would be suitable for my kind of lifestyle and skin tone. The design team here did an excellent job by preparing a customized tattoo for me, as per my concept. Even though i kept on making changesto the initial draft design, the team was open to my ideas and suggestions and was really happy to make changes without being pushy. My tattoo was done by Mr. Tushar Marane, who did an excellent job and was very friendly. He kept chatting with me throughout the process to make me feel comfortable. I was amazed by the time he took for minute detailing such as stencil placement. He showed remarkable patience in doing a tattoo at a stretch for 6-7 hours, with the same enthusiasm and commitment throughout. 

Also, one noticeable thing about this place is the camaraderie been shared between the artists. All are creative geniuses, where each one would come to watch the other artists work and boost the morale of the artist doing the tattoo by complementing his work and at times sharing their suggestions to make it better. Post completion of the tattoo there was a detailed after care tips session, which was something new and i only wished i had known these things at the time of my first tattoo (done from another studio in Mumbai). I would recommend Aliens Tattoo as the best tattoo studio to get your tattoo done in Mumbai. Really look forward to my next tattoo to be done with Aliens. Bye.

All the Best!! 

Maitrabh Chauhan

2 weeks ago

With no doubt Aliens tattoo studio is one of the best Tattoo studios in India. The second you step in you are their top priority and that's what I admire the most about them. Every single person in there works with utmost dedication and their work shows their passion and commitment. A special mention to Mr. Vibhor Chauhan for being there with us through every single step, being available on phone calls and messages to design my tattoos over State and making everything possible efficiently. I truly admire his work and his concern for all the slightest concerns I had about my tattoo. I've already gotten 4 tattoos from there and looking forward to get a lot more. I fly down from Hyderabad just for them so if you are in Mumbai or any where in India, it's a humble request to visit them and get inked with love.

Nikhil Nadkar 

a year ago

It took me 19 years to muster up the courage to get another tattoo, and that too a cover up! 

From the moment I walked into the Aliens Tattoo flagship studio in Malad in September I had a sense that it had been worth the wait... the whole process from the meeting the designers, the design creation including the back and forth discussion on options and changes, the introduction to the artist, the subsequent communication and finally getting inked was a fabulous and fun experience! The studio itself is has a great vibe, super hip music, state of the art equipment and of course extremely talented designers and artists and all of this comes together as one big family! Another extremely important aspect for me personally was the stringent hygiene standards that they maintain which made me feel even more safe given the times we live in. My cover up tattoo was completed over two days and I enjoyed the experience every step of the way, beginning with my request to start early in the day, the prep, the set-up to recording the making for the tattoo for their students, having lunch with the crew and the many cups of tea and coffee in between. 

Want to thank Allan (the extremely talented artist), Samir and Vibhor (the design team) and the rest of the crew that made this personal experience a very enjoyable one. 

If I ever get inked again in India I definitely know where I will be headed and I won’t be waiting another 20 years! 

Parag Dhoke

2 months ago

I give all the credit and efforts to Vibhor, Bishal & Team to make it speacial. 

Fortunately, Sunny was also arround who personally looked at each and everyone personally to see how the work was in progress. I admire and appreciate that tbe level of seriousness and dedication by complete team makes a difference. 

A small Story: 

I am Parag, I deal with lots of Artists and International Markets & Personalities. 

12 Year before in India & Mumbai there hardly any artists were having hands over tattooing, was the 1st time I was inked. I was not satisfied with experience. It had faded over the period. I was referred by one of my friend who had got his tattoo done from Aliens recently. I was very impressed by the artwork and clean and crisper images that appear on skin. It was my birthday and was a long time I thought should gift myself a tattoo. The best part is I am happy with the outcome and look and feel of the tattoo by Aliens and more over soon I will be going for a full hand. 

Team Aliens! Kudos! All the best! 

Suggestions: Hospitality should improve. 



Michael James

a year ago

Been searching tattoo artists for a long time…Came across Sunny working in London and was blown away by his work. Got my first piece done and loved it so much…Flew to Mumbai India for more! 10/10 for Sunny and his team at Aliens for Hygiene and work ethic. Attention to detail is incredible and always get complimented on my half sleeve. Would recommend anyone looking for a mind blowing piece to go hear. Alien Tattoo’s has some fantastic talent coming through…So Sunny watch out! haha. Great overall experience and well worth the visit.
Mike & Jo from London! x

Shamil khedgikar

a year ago

A really friendly place to get your first tattoo done!
Great artists who are willing to listen patiently to your suggestions!
My first tattoo experience couldn’t have been better

Bhavesha Panchal

a year ago

ts my second tattoo with Aliens Tattoo – One with Sam and Second with Amir Shaikh … both the time its been more of neat and have loved the service and follow up which they even do after 6 months.
If you really looking for a #hygenic #neat #awesome tattoo do hit the place. !!!!

Abil Mattoo

a year ago

We’ll what can I say ,an amazing artist to have ..Actually I would say “The Best” Tattoo artist in Mumbai & probably India accompanied by state of the art Tattoo Studio. Guys I guarantee getting a tattoo from these guys is worth every penny spent.

Miguel Garcia