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Transforming Self-Expression with The Souled Store

Aliens tattoo event with The Souled Store

In the world of style and self-expression, two art forms stand out, boldly defining individuality: tattoos and fashion. Both tell a story, both are deeply personal, and both have the power to transform. 

Fashion, like tattoos, are a choice – a choice to stand out or blend in, to speak quietly or shout boldly.

Aliens Tattoo and The Souled Store believe in one common goal - everyone is a special snowflake that deserves something they’ll love, something they can own to express themselves with. Just like a carefully selected outfit conveys a mood or a stance, a tattoo makes a statement that is beyond skin deep. It is fashion in its most permanent and personal form.

Aliens Tattoo and The Souled Store

To celebrate and explore these parallel forms of self-expression, two interactive tattoo workshops were hosted at The Souled Store located in the bustling Infiniti Mall in Mumbai and our studio, which is just a stone's throw away. Visitors were welcomed with an unexpected and thrilling sight: skin pads, each representing a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting to be etched with stories and artworks in ink.

Under the guidance of experienced tattoo artists, attendees at the tattoo workshop honed their skills by transferring vibrant and often complex designs onto skin pads. This activity was not only about crafting stunning art but also provided a foundational introduction to the essentials of tattooing.

Throughout the event, the air was charged with creativity, as attendees eagerly explored various artistic expressions. For many, this was their first encounter with a tattoo machine, making the workshop an exceptional chance to experience and engage with this unique form of creativity. It was an ideal setting for beginners to learn about basic tattoos for beginners, understanding the flow, shading, and detailing that goes into creating a tattoo that's both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Apart from the hands-on experience of practicing on skin pads, the workshop at The Souled Store in Infiniti Mall offered attendees an even more immersive experience.

Many were intrigued by the prospect of visualizing how tattoos would appear on their own skin. This curiosity was met with an opportunity to have intricate sketches drawn directly on them, providing a realistic preview of potential tattoos. These sketches allowed participants to envision the tattoos in real scale and placement, offering a tangible sense of how their chosen designs would integrate with their body's contours and skin tone.

The Souled Store

Moreover, the event featured an exciting array of flash tattoos. These pre-designed pieces of art, known for their stylistic simplicity and iconic imagery, provided a quick and accessible option for those eager to experiment with tattoo art. The flash tattoos were a hit among attendees, as they offered a range of designs – from classic symbols and motifs to contemporary and whimsical art. This variety ensured that there was something that resonated with everyone's personal style and preference.

As the workshop wrapped up, it was clear that the participants walked away with much more than just knowledge of the basics of tattooing. They left with some souvenirs from the event, which will remind them of how powerful it is to express yourself to the world and let it know the true you.

Check out the highlights here:

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