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13 Tattoo Trends you need to try in 2024!

Updated: May 29

Tattoos are permanent, but the tattoo trends are not. Almost from the inception of the tattoo industry, tattoos have undergone a number of transformations and improvements. In recent years, tattoos have become mainstream and increasingly popular.

best tattoo styles in 2024

And since last year gave us a lot of time to be creative during quarantine, new trends have emerged. Tattoos have become a popular method of self-expression for many individuals. These eight tattoo trends for 2024 are a must-see in light of all of this.

Line Art Countenance Tattoo

With the world's obsession with aesthetically pleasing tattoos, line arts have gained a lot of popularity. Line art tattoos are made up of straight or curved lines with no gradients, shades or textures. The entire tattoo looks as if it was made with one single continuous line. Despite the fact that they feature a minimalistic design, their aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Line art tattoos are definitely a great idea for minimalists.

Greek Gods Tattoo

Greek mythology is one of the oldest myths in the world and has a great deal of depth. Greek mythology fascinates a lot of people. It has also been integrated into various types of art for a long time. Tattoos are also one of them. Even though Phoenix is a very common Greek mythical tattoo, portraits of Greek gods are something that is flooding in more and more. Apart from the visual appeal, they also hold deep meanings behind them.

Tattoos are amazing works of art. And with watercolor this gets enhanced even more. Watercolor Tattoos give a look of an actual watercolor painting on your body. To make watercolour tattoos, multiple colours are blended together to create a gradient effect. It's a pretty unique method to alter black and grey tattoos that have been done in the past. Watercolor tattoos provide for a lot of creative freedom. In addition, they appear to be quite entertaining and fresh.

There are a few shows that we just can’t get over. And if you have any such show or character that is set in your mind, miniature fan arts are an amazing choice. Miniature portraits are very intricate pieces of work. Working with a tiny portrait requires a great deal of effort and dedication. You need to pay close attention to each and every aspect. Then again, these designs are pretty impressive! And they're a fantastic way to pay homage to your favorite character or celebrity.

Zodiac Tattoo

We've all had a lot of time to connect with our inner selves during the previous year. Last year, we learned so much more about our true selves. We at Aliens Tattoo, saw that astrological tattoos are something that everyone is buzzing about. Zodiac and astrological signs are fantastic methods to reveal who you are and who you really want to be in life. Choosing the correct tattoos may also have a beneficial spiritual impact and serve as a wonderful reminder of your existence.

Pets are definitely the ones who loved the quarantine. Because they got to spend so much time with their owners. And if you have a furry friend at home, you would have surely become more appreciative of them. Because they are the ones who keep you smiling throughout the hard times. Many want to pay homage to their best friends fur-ever with a portrait of them. Ever since the quarantine has been lifted, you might not get to be with your pet all the time. But their portrait will be with you forever.

All of us are more appreciative of nature now than we were before. When individuals were under quarantine, they discovered how essential it is to get a new breath of air and to visit new areas. And we all can agree wanderlust was a major thing during quarantine. Hence this year wanderlust and nature tattoos are really on the rise. These tattoo themes are a must-have for everyone who enjoys traveling and nature.

Visible Tattoos

More and more people are starting to see tattoos in their real form, a beautiful form of self-expression and art. And tattoos are now becoming more acceptable even in professional settings. Because of this people are looking forward to flaunting their tattoos rather than hiding them. A strong year for visible tattoos is 2024. As time goes on, finger and hand tattoos are going to become the norm.

Serotonin Molecule Tattoo

One of the most requested tattoos recently is serotonin molecules, which looks to be in high demand. Serotonin is a mood-stabilizing hormone that controls happiness and anxiety in the body. When a person gets this tattoo, it's usually paired with something they enjoy. For instance, animals or travel. Showing that this particular thing boosts an individual's serotonin.

Almost everyone can agree that cartoons were a big part of our childhoods. And even now, remembering them brings up a lot of memories for us. Maybe that's why the popularity of cartoon tattoos has exploded. Cartoons are being tattooed as a way to preserve childhood memories. In addition, they appear to be a lot of fun.

Minimal Adorbs Animal Tattoo

All of us like having a furry buddy in our lives. There is a growing trend among people to have minimalistic tattoos. These charming tiny creatures are a great way to obtain these minimal tattoos. You can't deny the beauty of these animal tattoos. Aside from that, they also have a very unique aesthetic appeal. They might have a variety of connotations or none at all, depending on the context. These tattoos are a fantastic addition to your collection. Something that is both quirky and cute.

All Hindu gods bow down to Lord Shiva, who is the most powerful of them all. To be sure, he has plenty to commend him for. And there's no question that today's youth are becoming more and more enamored with Lord Shiva. A lot can be learned from him, which is why this has become one of the most popular tattoo requests in recent days. Shiva portraits can be created in a variety of ways. It's also really attractive to look at.


2024 was a year of change and new perspectives for many things. Tattoos are no exception. Traditional tattoo styles aren't the only ones that are popular. And if you liked these tattoo trends why don't you hop on it. Book an appointment today! So which tattoo trend did you like?

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Stafford Jeffrey
Stafford Jeffrey
25 במרץ

I love zodiac tattoos and fnaf 2 which is an awesome horror game. I want to have animatronic tattoos in this game.

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