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Updated: May 10

We're super excited to have Raghu doing a guest spot at Aliens Tattoo India. Raghu has been constantly killing it with great tattoos and incredible concepts. He has developed an amazing style of his own. His tattoos look just great on darker skin tones as they do on bright skin. Raghu has worked on some crazy concepts lately and has set a benchmark in the industry. Nothing has ever stopped him from delivering his best.

A Brief History on Raghu's Journey -

Inheriting art genes from his family, he was always fascinated with the idea of giving people’s perspective a form. Considering the fact that people want to imprint an idea or message on their skin just appealed a lot to him since the early age. His major turning point in the tattoo industry was when he got a chance to work at Lizard's Ink Tattoo Studio in Bangalore. Raghu has worked with great artists including Niloy Das who's one of the greatest in the industry. Having said that, Raghu has an amazing portfolio and skills. If you have some interesting concepts or ideas that you want to execute into tattoos, this is an amazing chance.

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