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Nilofer Shaikh Shares How She Turned a Job into an Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Updated: 5 days ago

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It is said that a workspace that is fun & positive is beneficial for the team's overall success and helps retain the workforce. And we wholeheartedly agree with this. But have you ever heard of a company with a work culture so good that the employee would want to invest in its franchise to stay connected with the organization?

At Aliens, we pride ourselves on having a creative and fun work atmosphere, and each of us working together is like a huge family. We've had folks join us from all walks of life. And one of them is Nilofer, who joined Aliens a year back in February as a sales executive.

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Before joining Aliens, Nilofer worked at organizations like Wipro & Teleperformance. She had just started working after a 17-year hiatus, and the working hours, shifts & distance were an issue. That is why she came to Aliens. But besides the convenience of time & distance, she fell in love with the atmosphere and the people at Aliens.

Around the same time, her daughter Nashrah joined the family,

"My elder daughter was pursuing CA & wanted to take a break from her studies & do something different, a Job. So I thought this was such a cool place to be. Why not ask her to come to Aliens? She started working in the customer delight team."

Both Nashrah & Nilofer felt connected to the company, its mission, and work culture. They loved working here.

aliens tattoo team

It had been more than a year that Nilofer had been attending calls, but she wanted more. She wanted to do something different while being associated with Aliens. She wanted to be a part of the Aliens family forever and was thinking of a way to do that. So, she thought, why not invest in a franchise? This way, she'll be able to do more yet stay connected with Aliens.

Nilofer comes from a very liberal family. And contrary to the situation then, she had no pressure to get married at an early age. There was, however, a lot of pressure from her husband's family. And so they had to get married at a young age. She was only 19 at the time. But she pursued and completed her postgraduate studies even after the marriage, with a dream of doing something purposeful in her life. But then, she had kids.

She even worked for Ernst & Young in Kuwait for around eight months before returning to India for her children, as they were so young that they needed their mother. So for the next 17 years, her dreams took a backseat while she focused on her responsibilities as a mother by caring for her children and family. So for as long as she can remember, there was no stability in her career.

Nilofer always wanted to be a businesswoman. So she hoped to study as much as she could to start a business one day. But unfortunately, things don't always work out as we want them to. Destiny had some other things planned for her. After working at different organizations, Aliens felt like a breath of fresh air. And this investment was just the opportunity that she was waiting for. "Now, after completing all my responsibilities, God has decided to bless me & reward me. And now it's time for me to live my dreams."

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It was a retirement plan to start a business with her husband. "He has been an angel in my life. He has been very supportive of every decision that I have made. Be it my studies after marriage, working in Kuwait, or investing in this franchise."

Goa being her favorite holiday destination, she thought, why not invest in the Aliens Tattoo franchise in Goa? And she did!

"It was like a dream come true for me, and that too way before I expected. Aliens is a big name in the industry. Having experienced the working culture & knowing the people here, I feel everything about Aliens is positive. It has to be, after all, I'm investing in a franchise."

When asked about how she feels about the investment, Nilofer says, "This is a big step, and I'm taking it because I believe in the company. Special Mention to Mr. Sunny Bhanushali. He has been so supportive ever since I told him that I'm planning to take a franchise."

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Now she can be an entrepreneur like she had always wanted & will continue to work towards nurturing her baby, the franchise. And Nashrah will be joining her mother on this entrepreneurial journey in Goa.

She says the best part is, "I will now be able to give others what Aliens has given to me. A platform to uplift others & bring a positive change in the world through art & creativity."

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