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Bring Your Vision To Life with The Best Tattoo Artists in Kolkata

Updated: Aug 23

Lately, the tattoo scene in Kolkata is booming and there are a lot of amazing and professional tattoo artists who are already making their mark in the tattoo industry. If you're in the West Bengal capital and want to get a tattoo, Aliens Tattoo has some of the most famous tattoo artists in India.

Virat Kohli getting a geometric tattoo from Devendra Palav at Aliens Tattoo

Here at Aliens Kolkata, our talented team of tattoo artists have their own distinct style and specialty and are dedicated to creating personalized works of art that exceed your expectations. From hyper-realistic mythological portraits and abstract tattoos to intricate script tattoos, our artists have the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction at all times.

Each artist has their own unique style and approach to their craft, offering a wide range of design options for clients to choose from or customise one to your preference. Whether you prefer a black and grey tattoo, watercolor, traditional, minimalist, or personalized design, our artists will work closely with you from start to finish. At our studio, you can be confident that our talented and dedicated tattoo artists will create beautiful, lasting art that reflects your individuality and meets your expectations. Our studio is located in a very prime location right next to Gol Park in Gariahat, which is easily accessible to everyone from all corners of Kolkata!

Our studio is regularly patronised by international clients and several influencers who always choose Aliens Tattoo to meet their body art needs.

Without further adieu, meet our Aliens Kolkata team who are tattoo genies that will fulfill any and all tattoo requirements.

Sunny Bhanushali

Sunny's reputation has spread far and wide, earning him a place among the best tattoo artists in the world. Known for his ability to create stunning and intricate tattoos, Sunny specializes in creating Photo-Realistic, Hyper-Realistic, and Hindu Mythology-inspired conceptual tattoos. His unique ability to infuse Indian mythology into his tattoos has made him a favorite among clients both, in India and around the world.

His attention to detail is second to none; he has a keen eye for capturing the unique essence of each subject in his tattoos. This has attracted the attention of many high-profile clients, including some of India's top celebrities like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya and Ishan Kishan, to name a few.

Despite his global success, Sunny remains humble and focused on honing his craft. He continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in tattoo art, always striving to create something new and unique for his clients. It's this dedication to his work that has earned him a place among the most respected and sought-after tattoo artists in the world and undoubtedly makes him one of the best tattoo artists in Kolkata.


Allan Gois

Allan's rise in the world of tattoo art has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite his young age, he has quickly established himself as one of India's most skilled tattoo artists, earning recognition from clients and peers alike for his exceptional talent and creativity. One of the things that sets Allan apart from other artists is his ability to create hyper-realistic and portrait tattoos that leave a lasting impression on those who see them.

Allan's passion for tattoo art has also earned him several prestigious awards at major international tattoo conventions in India. These accolades are a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication to his craft, and they have helped to cement his reputation as one of the country's top tattoo artists. When it comes to his specialty, Allan is known for his mastery of realism tattoos. He creates tattoos that are so detailed that they almost seem lifelike. From portraits of loved ones to depictions of animals, landscapes, and more; Allan's realism tattoos are truly works of art that capture the essence of the subject in breathtaking detail.


Binod Tamang

Binod's dedication to his craft is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to bring his clients' visions to life through his artwork. Binod's journey to becoming a tattoo artist began with a passion for sketching and a chance viewing of a tattoo show on TLC. He is known for his expertise in creating hyper-realistic portraits and calligraphy tattoos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold significant emotional value for his clients. His ability to work with different styles and designs, from bold and vibrant to intricate and delicate has earned him a reputation as a versatile artist who can bring any idea to life. With years of experience under his belt, Binod continues to push the boundaries of tattoo art, creating innovative and stunning designs that leave a lasting impression on all who see them.


Ganesh Biswakarma

Ganesh hails from the beautiful city of Darjeeling but moved to Kolkata to pursue his tattoo career. After completing his studies, Ganesh joined Aliens Tattoo, one of the best tattoo parlours in the city. He spent long hours practicing his technique, studying the latest trends, and experimenting with different inks and needles.

After only 2 years of being a part of Aliens family, he has won the hearts of many! He is now one of the most established tattoo artists and has a loyal following of customers who appreciate his artistry, professionalism, and friendly demeanor. There is incredible diversity in his work but his hyper-realism tattoos are what makes him stand out from the crowd.


Devendra Palav

Devendra Palav is a true master of tattoo design and illustration, with a talent for creating stunning digital designs that are sure to impress. His skills in calligraphy and script are particularly impressive, making him the perfect guide for anyone looking to bring their own script ideas to life. One of Devendra's greatest strengths is his ability to create unique and unconventional tattoo designs that blend different styles and techniques. Whether it's dotwork, line art, blackwork, calligraphy, or script, he has a knack for combining these elements in new and exciting ways that are one of a kind. Thanks to his precision and attention to detail, Devendra has earned recognition throughout the nation as one of India's top tattoo artists. His portfolio is filled with a diverse range of stunning tattoo concepts ranging from elaborate script tattoos to intricate custom designs that showcase his remarkable skill and creativity. He's without a doubt one of the best tattoo artists in Kolkata.


Siddhesh Gawde

Siddhesh's early love for art led him to explore graphic design as a career. He found immense satisfaction in creating visual content and honed his skills to become a skilled designer. However, he felt that he wanted to do something more hands-on and expressive with his artistic talents. That's when he decided to explore tattoo art. Siddhesh's training in graphic design gave him a unique perspective when it comes to tattoo art. His attention to detail and precision are evident in his work, and he has quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional line work and custom designs.


Yogesh Mahale

Yogesh's dedication to his craft is evident in every piece of body art that he creates. His attention to detail and ability to customize each tattoo to the individual's preferences have earned him a loyal following among his clients. He has the unique ability to incorporate the client's ideas and inspiration into the final design, resulting in a tattoo that truly represents them. Yogesh's style is versatile, and he has experience with a wide range of tattooing techniques, including black and gray, colour, and realism. He is known for his ability to create intricate designs that incorporate elements of Indian mythology and culture. Yogesh's creativity and passion have helped him stand out in the competitive tattoo industry, and his dedication to his clients has earned him a reputation as a top tattoo artist.


Chetan Chaudhary

Chetan's journey to becoming a tattoo artist is a testament to his dedication and perseverance. Despite facing adversity during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he lost his bartending job, he remained committed to his artistic pursuits and found a way to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to pursue his passion. Since enrolling in Aliens Tattoo Art School, Chetan has honed his skills in realism tattoos; developing a unique style that sets him apart from other tattoo artists. His ability to create tattoos that not only look amazing but also hold significant emotional value for his clients is what truly makes him one of the best tattoo artists in Kolkata.

We prioritize hygiene and cleanliness to ensure the safety of our clients. Our equipment is sterilized after every use, and our artists wear gloves throughout the tattooing process. Secondly, our team of skilled and experienced artists specialize in various tattoo styles, from realism to calligraphy, ensuring that clients can get a tattoo that exceeds their expectations. Thirdly, we offer customized tattoo designs that reflect the unique personality and style of each client. Lastly, we have a comfortable and relaxing environment that ensures all our clients feel at ease and enjoy their tattooing experience. We will also provide you with appropriate post-tattoo care guidance to ensure that your tattoo heals perfectly and retains its original appearance. Overall, these features have made our tattoo parlour the best in Kolkata, and we are committed to maintaining them.

So why wait? Schedule your session today and discover the magic of Aliens Tattoo Art Studio in Kolkata! Find us at: Aliens Tattoo Kolkata 50/1B, Mohini Apartment, Purna Das Rd, Hindustan Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029 Feel free to reach out to us to book your appointment Phone: +91 9748379777 Email: |

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