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Wolf Tattoos For The Spiritual You

best wolf tattoos
Best Wolf Tattoos

Whether you're growing spiritually or whether you're looking for something to drive your passion, you must resonate with the Wolf somewhere in your path. Wolves are believed to be the spiritual pathfinders as they help you realize yourself and gain full potential. The canine creature will intrigue you to look inside and see the true self. If you feel you're being misled by others, the Wolf helps you see within and seek the required answer.

A wolf tattoo symbolizes integrity, loyalty, ferocity, strength, love, strong determination. It is believed that each person has a unique energy within, and the tattoo emanates this energy to the universe.

Going through life with a purpose has always created great individuals, and this is a strong trait that wolves carry. A lone wolf is as powerful as a pack. These creatures will always long for their pack members after long detours and wandering. A special connect is shared between them as they are very protective of their pack. This resembles the human connect when it comes to family and loved ones. This trait especially resonates with folks who are close to their kin and share a special bond with them. Being one of the only few animals who follow monogamy, the Wolf shows exceptional loyalty. If you're a ferocious person when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, you're a wolf personality.

The wolf totem is a guide for different cultures and is believed to be giving a signal to the human race in a variety of ways. The gray Wolf has some traits that we believed to be rough, yet righteous. Traditional tattooists and the native Americans are deeply attached to the Wolf. If you're looking for inking a wolf tattoo design for a particular reason, be assured that it will help you overcome the troubles and find you the right guidance. The Wolf gives you a strong emotional balance as it nurtures the inner voice and gives you a sense of wholeness. You must go ahead with a wolf tattoo design if you're looking to strengthen your communication and be socially active. It also helps strengthen your familial ties.

The full moon is very closely associated with wolves, and so is with humans. Humans have a significant shift in energies with the lunar cycles as the moon changes shape. It is especially noticed amongst the ones who feel an empathic connection with the universe. Wolves are always in connection with their tribe by sound and eye contact. These nocturnal animals are the warriors of night, as they hunt mostly during the nights.

When it comes to getting a wolf tattoo, various styles and types of wolves can be inked for you. Some concepts can be combined with the Wolf to create a custom design that will uniquely narrate your story.

Depending on the type of Wolf you are, you will be able to significantly connect with symbols and signs. There's an extraordinary inclination to wolves in animal tattoo fanatics. There are various options, ranging from a tribal tattoo, geometric tattoos, and realistic tattoos.

Let us go through some exciting Wolf Tattoo Ideas and designs -

half geometric and realism wolf tattoo

Half 'n' Half Wolf Tattoo (Geometric and Realism) –

This vivid tattoo depicts a wolf in two styles. The left side uses realism, and the right side shows a geometric depiction of it. The upper part of the tattoo has forest trees, which shows us the connection to nature and habitat.

There is some strong depiction of emotion in the eyes of the wolf. You can see a special design at the bottom which portrays a concept suggested by our client. The exciting touch along with the creative use of negative space uplifts this tattoo.

realism and mandala wolf tattoo

Realism & Mandala Dot-work Wolf Tattoo

This tattoo compiles the wolf with realism and mandala dot-work to add essence to it. The stern look on the face of the wolf is a symbol to exemplify determination and pursuit to purpose.

The mandala dot-work tattoo gives a outward feel to it which adds an element of freedom. If you're looking for an inspiring wolf tattoo, this tattoo design is something that you're ready for.

half geometric and realism wolf tattoo

Half 'n' Half Wolf Tattoo (Realism, Geometry)

This wolf tattoo can be dissected into three parts, realism, geometry and with a hint of roman numerals. The two-tone look portrays different facets of life - the outer and the inner world. The date in roman numerals marks a significance in the client's life. A formative change that took place in his life. Again, the tough look is to inspire motivation and drive.

Folks who are up with sudden turns in life are often driven towards such designs adding a date to their memories.

lion and wolf dualism tattoo

Realism - Double Exposure Wolf and Lion Tattoo

This wonderful tattoo depicts a double exposure with a lion and a wolf. It is inked by our Master Sunny Bhanushali and shows the moon at the top. The contradicting personalities of these animals is depicted with the lion and wolf facing away from each other. The similar traits of leadership and conquering attitudes is shown with the image melding into one another.

If you're looking for some serious inspiritation with a blend of animal instincts, this is the one for you!

geometric wolf tattoo

Geometric Mandala Wolf Tattoo

This stunning wolf tattoo commands a geometric mandala design and emotes a dozen details. The distinct look on the wolf shows determination and power. The tribal design holds an intricate look that will entice and leave you mesmerized. The symmetrical design accentuates the vibe of this amazing tattoo. The tattoo sports many small intricacies that create a spell-binding effect.

And if you've not figured already, this tattoo was done by a lady who resonated deeply with the wolf.

realism wolf tattoo

Realism Wolf Tattoo - Howl to the Universe

This wolf tattoo holds deep symbolism as it shows a calm wolf engulfed by a pentacle. The pentacle has a supreme effect on this piece as well as adds meaning to the client's story.

The bottom half of the tattoo denotes the howling wolves, which symbolizes a universal call. Wolves are very close to their kin and hold a sincere regard to their pack. This calm wolf combined with the howl at the bottom depicts a strong energy that revolves around the clients life.

geometric wolf tattoo

Geometric Wolf Tattoo with Moon

This iconic wolf tattoo is compiled with three elements - The wolf, the mountains, and the moon. In a simple line art depiction, this tattoo shows nature, animal instinct and the connection with the moon. Here, the moon also symbolizes the crown of the wolf.

What's your calling? I hope this article helped you define the best wolf tattoo for you and relate with you on various aspects on life.

Call or visit us for further queries and schedule an appointment.

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