` Aliens Tattoo - Chain of best tattoo studios in India

Aliens Tattoo - Chain of best tattoo studios in India

Every time you thought of getting inked, you must’ve come across various tattoo artists and their studios. I’m sure the studio with the best vibe wins once you’ve scrutinized the artist’s technique and forte. But what if you haven’t decided on your tattoo design?

You need to consult a professional who can guide you with your inner-emotions and help choose the best design for your body. It is obvious that you might come across many designs while surfing the internet for some inspiration. Still, only an experienced professional would be able to guide you through till the end.

Aliens Tattoo, founded by Sunny Bhanushali, is running strong since its inception in 2011. The initial days the studio was located in Oshiwara, Mumbai, with a small team. The growth from there went on to a new studio space opening up at Versova. And then, the journey took the route to Malad, Mumbai, where we’ve set up our primary branch.

Soon, Sunny came with an idea of expanding with more studios for Aliens. Here’s where we started expanding to various metropolitan cities in India. Within a year, we expanded to 5 new cities. The ever-growing zeal of Aliens tattoo has come up with the finest artists and studios pan-India.

The new studios saw an immediate rush of body art enthusiasts, who were super excited to get inked by award-winning tattoo professionals. We're equipped with some of the best realistic tattoos, custom tattoos, and portrait tattoos.

(Psssst – We’re heading to California in a short while, so stay tuned!)

Let’s walk you through India’s largest chain of tattoo studios –

Best tattoo studio in Mumbai

The moment you enter our Mumbai studio, you’d feel a pang of stupendous energy that would uplift you never like before. The studio situated on Malad Link Road houses a team of 14 award-winning artists that give their heart and soul into inking your favorite tattoo designs without any compromise. The spacious 3000 sq.ft studio is a lavish array of some funky Aliens that would welcome you with a soulful smile.

We are crazy for ink, yes sure, but we understand the nitty-gritty of tattooing, and you can rest assured of a meaningful piece of body-art. You can check out our work and read some vivacious experiences of our elite clients here.

To book an appointment call on +91 9833065209 | +91 9833065215

Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

Aliens Tattoo Bangalore is the hub of the best tattoo artists of Bangalore that ink some cool stories every day. The studio stands tall in the heart of Bangalore in Koramangala. A unique European vibe will welcome you in the 850 sq.ft studio space. Our Bangalore studio houses experienced tattoo artists that come to your aid when looking for a vibrant tattoo.

Visit us at - www.https://www.alienstattoo.com/aliens-tattoo-bangalore

To Book an Appointment at our Bangalore studio call on +91 9833065209 | +91 9833065215

Best Tattoo Studio in Pune

Aliens Tattoo Pune is the studio that sees enthusiastic clients every day. The brimming city of Pune calls for the best designs and quirky concepts, and we’re here for all that! Aliens have swarmed at Viman Nagar – one of the high-bustling points of the city, just off Koregaon Park. It is a three-storied bungalow that houses 10 tattoo stations and a lot of creativity!

Visit us at - https://www.alienstattoo.com/pune

To Book an Appointment at our Pune studio call on +91 96733 33212

Best Tattoo Studio in Delhi

The capital city of India is a hub for eccentric art and renowned for its traditional values. The new wave of enthusiasts demanded a professional tattoo studio at Delhi, and that’s exactly what we Aliens did!

The ambiance of the Delhi studio has a vibrant feel that will surely uplift you. Our artists at Delhi are well-trained for intricate designs along with simple designs that create a surreal effect.

Visit us at - www.alienstattoo.com/delhi

To Book an Appointment at our Delhi studio call on +91 8076046779

Best Tattoo Studio in Vizag

Our studio in Visakhapatnam is our second in the south, after Bangalore. The port city of India has a superb vibe that called for some stunning ink. Our clients are delighted that we landed here with our award-winning team of tattoo artists. The studio space holds 10 fully-functioning tattoo stations and has a lavish feel to it.

Visit us at - www.alienstattoo.com/tattoo-in-vizag

To Book an Appointment at our Vizag studio call on +91 9833065209 | +91 9833065215

Aliens Tattoo Art School

Last but definitely not least, we have a tattoo art school that is helping artists to step up and grow their art.

We’re the first government recognized tattoo art school. This is a unique initiative by Aliens Tattoo that provides proper tattoo training. Our award-winning mentors give the students one-on-one training that teaches them the craft of tattooing from basics.

There are three courses – Basic Course in Tattoo Art, Complete Course in Tattoo Art and Artist Program. These courses are specially drafted keeping in mind the basics as well as advanced techniques for learning tattoo art. They cover various topics ranging from basics of sketching, digital art, and tattoo techniques. Students are given an opportunity to develop completely as the course includes practicing with real tattoo equipment on real skin. 

Visit us at - https://www.alienstattooschool.com/

We have our 2020 batches starting from March onwards.



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Sunny Bhanushali

Allan Gois

Sameer Qureshi

Devendra Palav

Bhanu Pratap

Parth Vasani

Pratik Patkar

Bhavesh Kalma

Rahul Vijuda

Preetham C.

Hitesh Boro

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Rakshit Shetty

Anvesh Gajani


K-2, Old Sonal Industrial Estate, Kanchpada, Malad Link Road,

Malad West, Mumbai - 400064

Please feel free to reach us at the following details

+91 9833065209  |  +91 9833065215

getinked@alienstattoos.com | ink@alienstattoos.com


Hour of Operations

Monday :            12:30 - 22:00

Tuesday :            12:30 - 22:00

Wednesday :      12:30 - 22:00

Thursday :          12:30 - 22:00

Friday :                12:30 - 22:00

Saturday :           12:30 - 22:00

Sunday :              12:30 - 22:00