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A Tribute to Our Pet Oscar

Updated: May 11

pet tribute tattoo

"It's a tribute to our pet Oscar", said the teary Masurkar family when asked about a peculiar tattoo on their forearms.

Apoorva Masurkar, along with her brother Arjun and mother Gayatri, shared an unbreakable connection with Oscar, their faithful canine companion. For over a decade, Oscar had been a constant presence in their lives, bringing joy, laughter, and unconditional love to their home. From playful puppyhood to wise old age, he had witnessed the milestones of their lives and had become an integral part of their family fabric.

However, life's twists and turns often lead us down unexpected paths. Apoorva's pursuit of higher education took her across the seas to Canada, leaving behind the familiar streets of Bangalore and, more importantly, the comforting presence of Oscar. Despite the distance, the bond between Apoorva and her family, as well as their shared love for Oscar, remained strong.

Tragedy struck when Apoorva returned home for a visit, only to learn that Oscar's health had taken a turn for the worse. The heartbreaking news that their beloved pet was nearing the end of his journey left the Masurkar family grappling with uncertainty. Faced with the prospect of saying goodbye to their loyal companion, they sought solace in the memories they had shared and the love that had bound them together for so many years.

However, the Masurkars found hope and healing through an unexpected avenue. Inspired by their profound connection with Oscar and the desire to honour his memory in a meaningful way, they made a courageous pact to get his portrait tattooed on their forearms. Thus, began the journey of transforming their grief into an everlasting tribute at Aliens Tattoo.

The consultation for the tattoo was during Oscar's final days. As they sat together, sharing stories and reminiscing about the cherished memories they had created with Oscar, the tattoo artist Darshan, known for his expertise when it comes to realistic tattoos, skillfully captured his likeness, ensuring that his spirit would forever be etched into their skin and hearts. 

masurkar family pet tribute tattoo

For the Masurkar family, the tattoo was a memento of their love, devotion, and enduring bond with Oscar. Every line and every shade served as a testament to the profound impact he had made on their lives and the indelible mark he had left on their hearts.

As they proudly wear Oscar's portrait tattoo on their forearms, the Masurkar family carries his memory with them wherever they go, finding comfort and strength in the knowledge that he will always be by their side, watching over them with unwavering loyalty and love. Though Oscar may no longer walk beside them, the family came together and found a way for Oscar to leave his final paw prints.

In a world filled with fleeting moments and transient relationships, the story of the Masurkar family's pet tattoo serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love, loss, and the eternal connection between humans and their beloved animal companions.

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