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8 Most Unique Tattoos of 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Tired of the same old tattoos? Talk to us for some refreshingly new concepts that are sure to bring out your hidden emotions. Looking to tickle your intellectual side? Get one of our simple yet meaningful tattoo. Maybe you need to remind yourself that you still have some child left in you?

Get a cute kid cosmonaut or Playstation symbols perfectly etched on your wrist. Not convinced? How about some space objects … glowing crescent moon. If you love flowers and animals then we have super cool tattoos that will literally connect you with nature.

Can you ignore such an offer? Keep Scrolling..

Crescent Moon Tattoo


It's so rare to come across a person who's never dreamt of going to space as a child. Moon, stars, what's not to like? This tattoo shows an astronaut swinging, with his swing dangling on a crescent moon, surrounded by a cloud of stars. This tattoo reeks of a free spirited approach in life!

7 Chakra Tattoo


Every part of this universe is just an amalgam of several energies, and your body is just a teeny tiny part of it. It didn't take science and technology for our ancestors to know that our bodies too are made of energies, and they called them the 7 chakras. Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally means wheel. This tattoo here is just an artistic representation of the very same concept. Cool stuff right?

Southpark Cartoon tattoo


Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle ! Any South Park lovers out here? After all, it's not just a TV show, it's fandom is a bloody religion! It's quite a trend amongst the younger generation to get South Park themed tattoos because it's quirky offensive relates with their rebellious drive.

Greek God Apollo tattoo


Apollo is the god of archery, music, dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the sun and light, poetry and many more. Apollo is known to be the son of Zeus and Leto. This is just an abstract depiction of the said god. Minimalistic, crisp, small and simple.

Playstation tattoo


Gaming initially started out as a pass time activity. Eventually as technology developed and people kept getting more and more obsessed with it, it would be safe to say it it has turned into a culture. Playstation is one of the principal modes of gaming adopted by youngsters, and the symbols you see in this tattoo are in relevance with the same.

Deer Tattoo


Here's another one of the animal tattoos done at Aliens Tattoo India. This one's a minimalistic sketch style Stag, done with mostly line art. And a touch of geometry to add to it's appeal. What better than to have a mix of two cool tattoo trends?

Cactus Tattoo


Look at this cute, adorable portrayal of a cactus, contrary to it's spiky intimidating real version! Isn't that what art is about? Minimalism at it's finest. This tattoo looks nothing short of elite.

Crescent moon tattoo


Moons have always had a spiritual side to them. Crescent Moon basically represents growth and creativity. Flowers at the same time represent femininity and beauty. This tattoo is an amalgam of both those elements, simply put together and how!

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