Pooja Amandira

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer 

A confused Civil Engineer from Karnataka, this childhood painter tried her hand at tattooing by making tattoos on herself and was hooked on forever on this art. She thought - if getting tattoos was so enjoyable, how fun would designing and making tattoos on others be? A friend suggested she join a tattoo school.

More About Pooja Amandira

With her parent’s incredible support, she chose to join Aliens Tattoo Art School in Mumbai rather than some school in Bangalore. She started learning this art as a Fresher and performed to the best of her abilities as she knew that there was no going back. Out of the blue, she was hired at Aliens Tattoo Studio mid-way through her course, as her mentors knew how focused and passionate she was about tattooing. She is currently a mentor at the Tattoo School and teaches others like her, who want to follow their dreams, and is also one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai.