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Microblading in India

Enhance your looks with permanent makeup through skilful combination of Micro-Blading and Cosmetic Tattooing. Our highly experienced and dedicated artists  use state-of -the-art techniques. Many people, especially women, spend hours every day fretting over their make-up and appearance. What if there is a permanent solution for this? Luckily, for those who spend a lot of money and time in touching up their make-up every half hour, they could try permanent make-up.

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What People Say

Falguni Oza

Amazing place, very professional artists. It was  My first tattoo and they made me feel really comfortable and a very good experience.. A highly recommended place!!!

Rishi Adatia

Very nice place and great ambience. Professional and very knowledgeable artists. Highly recommend this place!! Also the guy Bhanu who did my tattoo is very much talented and professional in his job.

Subhi Rai

The experience I had here was something else. My tattoo was a very sketchy one but these guys are such experts. You can never go wrong with them. Absolutely love them. Keep up the good work. Wayyyy to go. Cheers!

What is MicroBlading?

Permanent Make - up is a method to implant pigment on your skin. It uses techniques like

microblading and cosmetic tattooing. These are advanced techniques that help correct eyebrows and enhance lips.

Microblading is beneficial for people who have reduced hair growth due to birth defects, ageing, wounds, chemotherapy or similar issues. Lip enhancement is favourable for people who wish to increase their lip line, get brighter lips, fix uneven skin tone or choose a particular colour for their lips.

The process involved in microblading starts with cleaning the eyebrow area followed by trimming the eyebrows to the required fit. Further on, a topical anaesthetic is applied over the area to numb it. It is followed by either of the two techniques – a handheld tool, or a tattoo machine. A vitamin-rich ointment is applied as after care which consists of vitamins A and D. The whole process can take up to an hour and half depending on the chosen eyebrow style to get the desired output.


Cosmetic tattooing is used for lip enhancement. The process includes using tattoo machine to implant pigment according to client’s requirement. Our experts make sure the depth of the pigment deposition is done carefully and well-regulated.

After Care & Precautions

There aren’t any major side-effects if done by experienced artists, but following proper aftercare is a must. The wound should be kept clean and use of soap must be avoided. Your diet should include healthy food and you must avoid alcohol consumption. You must make sure that it stays moist as this helps your skin breathe and helps in healing the wound.


The results last for around 1-3 years depending upon the aftercare. The fading of the ink depends on the type of the skin – it fades faster on oily skin. A few might need to get a touch-up after a year or two to retain the effect. After care is very important as it keeps away any infections and helps retain the output for a longer time.

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