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Gaurav Halgaonkar

Tattoo Artist

A Fine Art student at J.J. School of Arts turned tattoo artist. He has been interested in drawing since his childhood. An artist specializing in Realism, Gaurav, once used to ink temporary tattoos at birthday parties & functions and learned how to hold tattoo machines by watching videos on youtube.

More About Gaurav Halgaonkar

He wanted to join Aliens Tattoo School in 2017, but due to financial issues, he couldn't. But he started saving money during the lockdown and finally joined Aliens Tattoo Art School in August 2021. He switched from fine arts to tattoo art to learn difficulties in skin tones, colors, machines, etc. Earlier he would only ink basic script tattoos, but he learned different tattoo categories. And now, he specializes in Realism & has done many tattoos ever since. 

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